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Your own multi-gym is the solution for smart muscle building training from home. With your own multi-gym, you can train regularly and save yourself the trip to the gym. Countless training options ensure that you can cover many areas of your body with just one piece of equipment and continuously improve your fitness.

Muscle building in your HOME GYM: Shape your body and achieve optimal fitness

The importance of well-developed muscles for a healthy body is elementary, especially in today's sedentary world, and the scientific evidence is clear: muscle strength training is just as important for the cardiovascular system as endurance training. If you buy a multi-gym, you have the opportunity to do an effective full-body workout at home in a small space. With our extensive range of high-quality multi-gyms from FINNLO by HAMMER and HAMMER, we offer you the right device for your purposes.

What positive health effects are possible when training on a multi-gym?

Strength training is no longer just associated with bodybuilding. Rather, sports scientists and sports physicians have been able to demonstrate the positive effects on body and mind in various studies in recent years.

Strength training economizes the cardiovascular system and improves the oxygen supply. Stress is reduced and self-confidence is boosted. In today's sedentary everyday life, it is particularly important to strengthen the postural muscles and the entire torso area. The chronic lack of exercise is one of the greatest health risks of our time - regular strength training counteracts this effectively.

What do I have to pay attention to while exercising at the weight station?

Before you start exercising on your new multi-gym, there are a few basic rules to follow. These lead to more effective training and protect you from damage to the musculoskeletal system through incorrect handling and exercise execution. Before the first exercise, it is important to warm up the muscles and bring them up to operating temperatures. Basic gymnastic exercises that utilize the range of motion of the joints are helpful for this.

Exercises on weight stations Rule 1: No forced breathing!

 A moderate workout on a multi-gym is now also recommended for the rehabilitation of heart attack patients. Regular breathing is important to avoid an unhealthy rise in blood pressure. Breathe out evenly when you exert yourself, and breathe in when you relax – returning to the starting position.

Exercises at weight stations Rule 2: Perform movements cleanly and evenly

When performing the movement, make sure that you never train in a hollow back. During the exertion (concentric contraction = the muscle contracts), extend the movement to the final position, remain in this position for a short moment (isometric contraction = the muscle remains tense without changing its length) and then slowly return the starting position (eccentric phase = the muscle lengthens). The tension against the resistance is maintained, a quick return reduces the efficiency of the training. You train optimally by holding against the resistance in the eccentric phase and slowly returning. During the eccentric phase of fitness training on the multi-gym, the muscle is about 40 percent more powerful than during the concentric phase.

Exercises at the weight station Rule 3: Train strength endurance first

If you buy a high-quality multi-gym, you have a large pool of different exercises for all major muscle groups. Depending on the selected weight and the number of repetitions, different types of strength training are distinguished:

  • Strength endurance training with the multi-gym: 15 – 25 repetitions
  • Muscle building training using the multi-gym: 7 –12 repetitions
  • Maximum strength training with the multi-gym: 1 – 6 repetitions

Strength station exercises Rule 4: Train regularly and don't overdo it at the beginning

Anyone who buys a new fitness tower usually starts out highly motivated with a very intensive training session - and is then out of action for days thanks to massive sore muscles. Do not overdo the training at the multi-gym at the beginning! The operational training is recommended for beginners and returnees. It is also not necessary to work hard until the last possible repetition. Imagine a scale between 6 and 20 (the so-called BORG scale). The value 6 corresponds to a load at the training station that you could do all day, 20 stands for such a high load that you cannot possibly do it even once. So-called gentle strength training makes sense for the first few weeks of training. The subjective perception of stress is on a level between 14 and 16 based on the described BORG scale.

Strength station exercises Rule 5: The muscle grows during regeneration

Buy a multi-gym and then get fully into daily fitness training? Not correct! The muscle needs a recovery time to recover and grow. Successful strength training is simple: The load during training must be slightly higher than the muscle is used to. The right strain activates an adaptation process in the muscles, as well as in the tendons and ligaments, in order to be able to cope better with the high load. While the muscle adapts quickly, the tendons and other structures take longer to regenerate. Regular training over months with a slow increase in weight inevitably leads to success.

Exercises with weight stations Rule 6: Train the whole body on both sides

Anyone who only trains the biceps and ignores the triceps trains a muscular dysbalance (imbalance). Players and opponents (agonist and antagonist) both have to be trained, in extreme cases you might not be able to stretch your arms straight any more because the biceps are too short. It is important to build up fitness evenly, especially for the core muscles. The quadriceps is the strongest muscle in the human body and pulls the pelvis down. Strengthening the lower back increases pelvic tilt as the back muscles pull the pelvis up. For a healthy, good-looking and optimal posture, it is therefore essential to train the abdominal muscles, which straighten the pelvis.

Exercises with power stations Rule 7: Variety for continuous progress

In order to maintain strength growth and training success in the long term, a varied selection of exercises on the power tower is necessary. Variations in the execution of the movement and the weight always set new stimuli for the muscles.

Advantages of exercising on a weight station for the different muscle groups

Optimal fitness can be distinguished for two groups of athletes: the healthy athlete is interested in creating a perfect balance of the entire musculature, while competitive athletes align their strength training with the respective sport. Competitive sport has little to do with healthy fitness, muscular imbalances are accepted and can hardly be avoided in a professional cyclist, for example. Health-oriented sport with the multi-gym is more intelligent. It has the following advantages in terms of prevention:

  • Avoidance of pain, poor posture and degenerative joint diseases
  • A well-trained muscle reduces the stress on the joints and musculoskeletal system
  • Prevention of obesity, since more muscle mass increases the basal metabolic rate
  • Regular strength training at the multi-gym increases bone density
  • Improving the resilience of tendons and ligaments

Even after an injury or an operation, sport with multi-gyms is the way to go. The benefits of rehabilitative training are:

  • Accelerate healing
  • Faster return to original fitness and performance
  • avoidance of consequential damage

For health reasons, the focus is on strength endurance and muscle building training. Maximum training is negligible from a health-oriented perspective.

Large selection of power stations for professional whole-body training

 A large selection of multi-gyms from FINNLO by HAMMER and HAMMER awaits you in the HAMMER fitness shop. The offer offers high-quality equipment for beginners, advanced users and professionals. An integrated back trainer helps you to build up these particularly important muscles.

You can buy the inexpensive multi-gym HAMMER Ferrum TX2 from us for less than 700 euros. The 60 kg plug-in weights offer a maximum resistance of 80 kg. The ergonomically designed butterfly/bench press unit offers numerous exercises to strengthen the chest, back, shoulders, upper arms, arms and legs. This effectively trains your main muscle groups.

A popular fitness station for at home in the mid-price segment is the FINNLO multi-gym Autark 2500 . Weights of up to 125 kilograms are available to you. Uniform and noiseless movements are given. Without getting up, you adjust the training weight in 2.25 kg increments. More than 100 exercise options ensure long-term training success with fun - the perfect multi-gym for at home to train independently. The scope of delivery includes a comprehensive manual and a DVD with the various exercises.

The professional tip is the FINNLO MAXIMUM multi-gym M5 . The station integrates 2 x 96 kg weight blocks on two massive guide rods. For the targeted development of small and large muscle groups, the multi-gym has two traction modules and extensive accessories. Guided and free exercises are possible for maximum training stimuli. Three separate training stations make the device the perfect home trainer for at home, the sports club or the wellness facility.

We advise you on the ideal strength station for your purposes

Use our service and let our experienced staff advise you on the various multi-gyms. The various devices from FINNLO by HAMMER and HAMMER offer extensive training options for all muscles. Tell us your training goal and we will advise you with our many years of experience.

If you would like to try out the different strength machines and compare them directly with each other, you can visit our HAMMER partners. With our exclusive manufacturer service, we offer you the best quality at an unbeatable price. The multi-gym is the device of choice for training independently and with minimal space requirements. FINNLO by HAMMER and HAMMER have the right training equipment for your individual needs in their range. After purchasing the fitness station, for example with an integrated back trainer, it will be sent to your home free of charge. Despite the high weight, the devices can be easily moved on the integrated rollers. In addition to strength training, endurance remains an important factor for perfect fitness training. Browse our range of other fitness equipment. In addition to a cross trainer or treadmill , the rowing machine is very well suited for effective endurance training.

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