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Lose weight and build up fitness without being dependent on wind and weather. You can enjoy these and other advantages when training on the treadmill at home. The varied training programmes allow you to do a wide range of treadmill training: slow walking, fast sprints or running with an incline - everything is possible on your treadmill. As a beginner you can simply get fit or as a professional runner you can bridge the winter break. Here you can find the right treadmill for your running training at home.


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Having your own treadmill at home offers you countless advantages: Train in any weather and at any time of year - no matter if it's raining, storming or snowing. You also have an advantage in terms of time: you start training immediately without having to laboriously think up a suitable running route or drive to the starting point. As a balance to a predominantly sedentary everyday life, the upright posture on the treadmill is ideal for your back health. The level of difficulty can be adjusted in no time at all with the help of inclination, speed and programmes. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, check your pulse rate and train heart-healthy with optimal intensity. Your joints also benefit from the lightly sprung running surface. A huge advantage compared to jogging on hard asphalt. Always available and without excuses, treadmill training quickly becomes a routine. Reach your desired goals faster and continuously increase your fitness.

What are the advantages of training on the treadmill?

Sitting is the new smoking! These words describe very well how important physical activity is for our health. In the modern world, most people sit too much. Without regular exercise, the cardiovascular system weakens and stress is handled less effectively. Again and again, new scientific studies show that exercise is the best medicine for various diseases. Exercising in your living room with your own treadmill increases your well-being, strengthens your muscles, makes your heart more efficient and lets excess pounds melt away. Depending on the training method you choose, the calorie consumption can be up to 900 kcal per hour. No matter what the weather, and at any time of day or night, you can take care of your health. Treadmill training can be adapted to your individual needs. Compared to outdoors, you can find your desired incline in seconds. Undisturbed by red lights or street noise, you jog or walk at your chosen pace, motivated by your favourite music. Completely switch off and start running. Only a treadmill in your own four walls can offer you this training feeling.

Which muscles are trained when running on the fitness treadmill?

To put it simply, when you run, your entire musculature is involved from head to toe. Even if it doesn't look like it at first glance, walking or jogging is an extremely complex movement: On the one hand, you need a well-functioning cardiovascular system, and on the other hand, it requires a certain degree of balance, as you are always standing on one leg for a short time when running. Your muscles must therefore constantly coordinate and stabilise. Actively, you strengthen the entire musculature of your lower body. Depending on the speed and incline, your circulation and metabolism are also specifically trained.

  • Heart: Regular treadmill training strengthens the heart muscle and at the same time strengthens the cardiovascular system.
  • Thighs: Training on the treadmill shapes and strengthens the 4-headed thigh extensor.
  • Buttocks: Your entire gluteal muscle group with its various parts is optimally trained during the running workout.
  • Back muscles: Because of your upright posture, your back and torso have to do stabilising work. If you run uphill, your back muscles are used even more intensively.
  • Calves: The movement on the treadmill results in defined and strong calf muscles.
These muscles are trained during treadmill trainingThese muscles are trained during treadmill training

Buy an ergometer, cross trainer or treadmill: Which device is better?

Treadmills, cross trainers and cycle ergometers can all help you improve your endurance. However, there are big differences in terms of body position, effort, selection options and training effects. The decision to buy a new piece of fitness equipment at home should therefore depend on your individual fitness goals:

Getting started with endurance training
For beginners and to shed pounds or improve your general fitness, a bicycle ergometer is a great choice. Simply start pedalling and your heart rate will increase and with it your calorie consumption.

Increase your performance level
The cross trainer is the ideal piece of home equipment to increase your performance level. The whole-body movement has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, you shape your legs and strengthen your upper body at the same time. Especially if you have joint or muscle problems in your back or knees, a crosstrainer is the perfect training device because of the low load.

Burning calories
If you want to burn calories, noticeably improve your endurance or optimise your running style, we recommend buying a treadmill. Compared to other endurance machines, treadmills require you to move your entire body weight over and over again, so you automatically burn a lot of calories.

Visual comparison Treadmill Cross trainer ErgometerVisual comparison Treadmill Cross trainer Ergometer

Pulse-controlled training: What is the optimal training pulse for a treadmill?

Pulse-controlled programmes are predestined for health-oriented endurance training: Your heart rate is measured over the entire distance and the treadmill adjusts the speed and incline according to the current target heart rate. Depending on the treadmill, the pulse is measured via hand sensors or even more precisely with the help of a chest strap. Your heart rate is influenced by your fitness level, training intensity, age and gender as well as your physical disposition.

Depending on your personal athletic goal, you should train in different heart rate ranges. If you want to boost your fat metabolism and burn calories, training at 60-70% of your heart rate maximum is recommended. Intensive endurance training is achieved by training at over 80% of maximum heart rate. This is always referred to as the percentage of the maximum heart rate. This reflects the maximum possible number of beats per minute. Various fitness accessories such as watches or apps calculate this maximum heart rate automatically. You can use the following simplified formula to calculate the value yourself:

Men: 220 - age = maximum heart rate (HRmax)
Women: 226 - age = maximum heart rate (HRmax)

Pulse ranges

Depending on the load, you will reach certain heart rate zones, which are calculated as percentages of the maximum heart rate. These ranges are grouped into zones and have different characteristics:

Heart rate 50 - 60 %:
You are in the health zone, difficulty level very easy. Your goal is to promote health.
Heart rate 60 - 70 %:
You are in the fat burning zone, difficulty level easy. Your goal is to activate fat metabolism and improve basic endurance.
Heart rate 70 - 80 %:
You are in the aerobic zone, difficulty level medium. Your goal is to improve aerobic fitness and increase endurance capacity.
Heart rate 80 - 90 %:
You are in the anaerobic threshold zone, difficulty level intensive. Your goal is to improve lactate tolerance and train for maximum performance gains.
Heart rate 90 - 100 %:
You are in the red zone, difficulty level maximum. Your goal is to improve maximum power and speed.

Buying advice: Which treadmill for home use?

The selection of different treadmill models is huge. From entry-level models to professional treadmills, there are great differences in terms of setting options, workmanship and programmes.

Key technical data: Motor, damping, accessories
The power of the motor is usually given in horsepower. When choosing a treadmill, pay attention to the specified continuous power. To ensure that your running motion is gentle on your joints, you should pay attention to suitable vibration damping. Rubber layers cushion shocks and give you the feeling of running on a forest floor. If the values of both parameters are high, the treadmill will usually offer you a pleasant running smoothness. The maximum speed and maximum load are other important factors. If it is important to you to be able to move the treadmill around your home, then also look for smooth-running transport rollers.

Your training goal determines your treadmill
When buying a treadmill, the intensity of your training is a decisive factor. If you are just getting into endurance training or simply want to maintain your fitness with leisurely walking or slow running, treadmills with a continuous output of between 1 and 2.5 hp are suitable. It is important that your shoes have sufficient cushioning.

Set the speed of the treadmill
Ambitious runners with intensive and long training sessions have higher demands on their training equipment. The incline should adjust automatically and a sufficiently large motor power for speed training is indispensable. If you integrate interval runs with high-intensity sprints into your training plan, choose a treadmill with at least 2 hp continuous power. Important: The more finely the speed can be adjusted, the greater the treadmill's range of use. For a very fine adjustment of the speed, 0.1 km/h steps are suitable. Top models like the treadmill Performance accelerate up to 22 km/h. Enough for sweaty interval training with intermediate sprints.

HAMMER Treadmill PerformanceHAMMER Treadmill Performance

Size of the running surface
Depending on your leg length or stride, you will need more or less running surface. For fast and long strides, a longer treadmill is advantageous; the width gives you more security when running. Ideally, the treadmill should be at least 130 cm long and 45 cm wide. Make sure that the dimensions fit well in your training room. The foldable, compact and easily stowable devices offer ambitious hobby athletes excellent training possibilities. All HAMMER treadmills have a cushioning system in the running surface, but good running shoes are still required for training.

Adjustment of the inclination of the running surface
Some treadmills have an integrated incline motor. Depending on the model, this adjusts the incline of the running surface electromechanically by up to 15 %. In the future, you can easily do the demanding uphill training at home in your living room, for example with the treadmill F85 or TR 800 in studio quality. The different inclination angles optimise the muscle interaction in the legs and provide additional training stimuli. Running uphill tones your gluteal and calf muscles in particular. To be able to control the intensity individually, the angle should be adjustable in steps of 1 - 2 % difference. Maximum power for the leg muscles is achieved with an incline of between 4 and 8 %. A treadmill with an adjustable incline is therefore recommended in any case.

With the treadmills of the Q. VADIS series, the incline can be increased by up to 12% during your running workout. When adjusting the incline, the entire construction moves upwards and the display also adjusts automatically. With dimensions of 152 x 51 cm, the large running surface of the Q. VADIS 10.0 is also impressive. Athletes with a body weight of up to 150 kg enjoy an authentic running feeling like on a forest floor on the Super Soft surface. In addition, the treadmill surface has enough grip for intensive sprints. You can measure your pulse during the workout with the integrated hand sensors. If you want to use a chest strap for heart rate measurement, a heart rate receiver is already integrated in the device.

Q. VADIS 10.0 Treadmill Q. VADIS 10.0 Treadmill

Folding treadmill for training at home
If you only have limited space in your home, then a folding treadmill is the right choice for you. In the twinkling of an eye, you can unfold the treadmill and place it where you want to train. After a successful workout, the treadmill can be easily stored again with the help of a few handles and you have enough space for other things. Of course, the stability and workmanship is as high as usual despite the folding mechanism. We especially recommend the treadmill Q. VADIS 3.0, which you can park in a vertical or horizontal position with the innovative extra "Fold Button" on the console and the foot pedal without screwing. This way, the treadmill can be stored in a space-saving way.

What is the difference between professional treadmills and standard treadmills?

Thinking about buying a professional treadmill? Depending on your individual fitness goals, a standard treadmill may quickly reach its limits. Therefore, it may make sense to opt for a professional treadmill. The various quality categories differ significantly in some respects. Basically, the following applies: Professional treadmills are extremely hard-wearing, robust and have a long service life even with frequent use. The treadmills of the Q. VADIS series stand out perfectly as professional treadmills due to various features, such as the particularly large running surface or the individual incline options.

What features does a professional treadmill offer for efficient training?

Maximum speed and power
If you want to practice sprints and frequently train your endurance, then an advanced treadmill with a powerful motor of at least 3 hp continuous power makes sense. A professional treadmill will reach much higher speeds and have more horsepower than its less powerful counterpart. With higher-quality treadmills, the speed is also particularly finely adjustable. Our professional treadmills challenge you at peak speeds of up to 22 km/h and 8.5 hp maximum power.

You mainly use the treadmill to bridge the cold winter months, but can hardly wait for the next mountain run in spring? Then make sure that you can set a sufficiently high incline on your home treadmill. This will make your training more varied and effective. Gradients of up to 15 % are guaranteed to make even professional runners sweat.

From basic features to high-tech board computers, you will find the full range of equipment. Professional treadmills have multi-media entertainment such as Bluetooth, app connection and track videos. In addition, you have a huge selection of different training programmes and often an integrated heart rate monitor.

Frequent runners in particular benefit from the maximum cushioning properties of a professional treadmill. This relieves and protects the joints even during very regular jogging sessions. For example, if you like to run on soft forest soil, we recommend that you look for a super-soft running surface.

Who should buy a professional treadmill?

Experienced runners and particularly ambitious athletes are well advised to use a professional treadmill. If you go jogging several times a week and like to do a few intermediate sprints, then a professional treadmill in your own four walls is also just right for you. Heavy fitness athletes also benefit from the high stability of professional models.

What else is important with professional treadmills?

Depending on your specific needs, there are other criteria that an advanced treadmill should fulfil. If you have limited space within your own four walls, then a foldable treadmill is the right choice for you. In addition, high-quality treadmills are characterised by their particularly quiet and smooth running. The noise level is therefore lower than with cheaper models, even at high speeds, thanks to the unique workmanship. In order to be able to train safely and with different running techniques, a sufficiently large running surface is also recommended. A professional treadmill requires less maintenance than cheaper models. Maximum stability and comfort are absolutely paramount here!

Maintenance and care

To enjoy your treadmill for a long time, regular care and maintenance is advisable. Permanent exposure to sunlight and moisture will damage the material. Therefore, the location of the treadmill should be dry and somewhat protected from the sun. To protect the floor and prevent noise from your neighbours, we recommend the use of a floor protection mat . Also make sure that the treadmill is placed at a distance from the wall. This way you can reduce the noise level even more. By the way: The assembly of our treadmills is uncomplicated and easy to manage. Large parts are already pre-assembled.

If your floor is uneven, adjust the height of the treadmill using the screws. It is also very important that the running surface moves evenly. If necessary, the tensioning screws should be readjusted from time to time. These tricks will help you enjoy your fitness equipment even longer. Once all preparations have been made, you can start with clean running shoes. Dirt on the shoes damages the surface. If too much dirt accumulates in the area of the motor, this can lead to long-term damage. If the treadmill does get dirty, use a damp cloth to clean it. It is also best to vacuum it completely every 14 days. Once a month, check the lubrication under the edge. Use the silicone spray to prolong the life of the treadmill belt.

Accessories and safety tip

Fitness training on the treadmill is very sweaty because there is no cooling wind compared to nature. If you feel you are sweating too much while exercising, set up a fan. Some of our models even have an integrated fan function. To stay hydrated, most treadmills have cup holders. The safety clip ensures that the exerciser stops immediately if you trip or accidentally move too far back to the end of the running surface. Multi-media options such as holders for tablets or smartphones provide that extra portion of motivation during your workout. To be able to train according to your heart rate, you should get a high-quality chest strap. There are classic models or versions for the arm. For even more targeted upper body training, weight cuffs are suitable because the additional weight shapes your arm, shoulder and back muscles.

Test treadmill

Compare our treadmills and choose the right one for your needs. Our partners will help you with your decision. You also have the opportunity to test different models on site. Bring your running shoes and together we will find the perfect treadmill for you. You can then either take your new favourite device with you straight away or have it conveniently delivered to your home.


How individually can the speed of the treadmill be adjusted?
How individually the speed can be adjusted depends on the model. A fine adjustability in 0.1 km/h steps is advantageous. Ideally, the maximum speed is 22 km/h.


Is a treadmill suitable for pregnant women and senior citizens?
Senior citizens and pregnant women benefit very well from training units on the treadmill due to the everyday movement sequence and the individual increase in load. Hand grips can be used to provide more safety. In both cases, a doctor should be consulted in advance.


Can I train on the treadmill after an injury?
If you have been cleared by a doctor to put full weight on both legs again after an injury, the treadmill is a great way to slowly optimise your running style. If you also use a mirror for training, you can check and improve your running technique. A treadmill is therefore ideal for deliberate gait training after injuries.


What is the difference between an ergometer, cross trainer and treadmill?
Among the endurance machines, the treadmill is the one with the most everyday movement. With the cross trainer you have a guided movement of your entire body. The ergometer training is the easiest endurance machine with a seated posture and a given leg movement. Treadmill training requires the highest degree of stability and muscular coordination.


Is a foldable treadmill useful for training at home?
If you only have limited space in your home, then a foldable treadmill is the right choice for you. After a successful workout, the treadmill can be easily stored again with the help of a few handles and you have enough space for other things. Of course, the stability and workmanship is as high as usual despite the folding mechanism.