Boxing Gloves

Basic equipment for every boxer

Boxing gloves protect your wrists and prevent knuckle injuries during boxing. With the right boxing gloves, you can concentrate on your boxing training or competition without being distracted by injuries and pressure points on your hands. Whether you are training against a punching bag or a sparring partner, you will find your perfect boxing gloves here.


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Buy Boxing Gloves

HAMMER boxing gloves are part of the basic equipment of every boxer. They protect against injuries to the knuckles and wrists. This makes them one of the most important utensils for boxing matches and training for competition. Good boxing gloves also mitigate the risk of lacerations, so-called "cuts", caused by knuckles hitting the face during boxing. We offer various boxing gloves made of synthetic leather and genuine leather. Since 1982, boxing gloves from HAMMER have been convincing in performance, quality and price.

Types and designs of boxing gloves

The HAMMER Sport online shop offers various types of boxing gloves in different sizes (ounces/oz). On the one hand, high-quality professional boxing gloves that are also used by professionals like Rola El-Halabi, such as the , and on the other hand, training gloves with Velcro fasteners, boxing gloves for working on the punching bag, on the pads, or for training with the speedball. The HAMMER BOXING Premium Training boxing gloves , for example, are ideally suited for training at home with a punching bag and practising movement sequences.

You will also find boxing gloves such as the Premium goatskin without fingers in the HAMMER Sport Shop range, which are used in Asian martial arts. These gloves are usually lighter and equipped with an elastic band.

Sandbag gloves

Sandbag gloves are specially made for your training on the sandbag. They are much lighter than normal boxing gloves and allow you to train dynamic movements due to their low weight. In addition, these boxing gloves protect your hands and wrists from injuries and are therefore an integral part of every boxing training.

On the punching bag, you not only train your perfect punch, but also your muscle strength, endurance and speed. The punching bag is usually used for three types of training:

  • Improving punching techniques
  • Improving quickness
  • Aerobic training to increase fitness

MMA Gloves

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is a versatile full-contact sport in which fighters use the punching and kicking techniques of boxing, Muay Thai and Taekwondo. Elements of ground fighting and wrestling techniques can also be found here. This now very popular martial art is characterised by its limited rules. The aim is to force the opponent to give up or to defeat him by a knockout.

An MMA glove (or freefight glove) is characterised by the following features:

  • Open finger glove
  • Padding on the palm and back of the hand
  • Optimal fit and extra reinforced seams
  • Full freedom of movement

MMA gloves are therefore perfect for practising punching techniques and training holding and grappling techniques.

Wrist protection is immensely important with boxing gloves

In high-quality HAMMER BOXING boxing gloves, the wrist is specially protected by a full circumferential wrist guard. This has an important reason: With every punch, strong forces act on the wrists and can lead to injuries there. The stronger material of the boxing gloves additionally stabilises the wrist and thus ensures better punch development.

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