Dumbbell Set

Basic equipment for your strength training in different versions

A dumbbell set is everything you need for your muscle building training with free weights at home. A dumbbell set can be used in many ways and is therefore ideal for varied strength training. With a set of barbells, dumbbells or both dumbbell sets in combination, you can immediately start professional strength training at home. Equip your home gym with a dumbbell set and train your muscles effectively with dumbbells and weights.


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Buy a dumbbell set - dumbbells for your fitness

Dumbbells or dumbbell sets are perfect for varied strength training. They are versatile and essential for training with free weights. There is hardly a fitness room at home that does not have a dumbbell set.

Dumbbell sets are divided into dumbbell sets and barbell sets. Depending on the type, dumbbell sets consist of a barbell or dumbbell bar, weight plates / weight plates and fasteners. Barbell sets are mainly used for squats, bench presses and training at the barbell training stations, while dumbbells are mostly used for free weight training or on weight benches.

For beginners we recommend our 53 kg barbell set and dumbbell set. With them you can train all muscles quickly and specifically. The different weights made of cast iron allow you to precisely adjust the intensity of the workout. Our 76 kg barbell and dumbbell set is perfect for professional weight training at home. With a total of 76 kg weight plates including a barbell bar, you can effectively train muscle groups such as arms, shoulders, chest, back and legs with different exercises.

How do I train with a dumbbell set?

Alternate between barbell and dumbbell exercises frequently during dumbbell training to give your body new growth stimuli. Barbell exercises such as the bench press can be performed perfectly on the incline bench and the barbell training station. Grasp the barbell slightly more than shoulder-width apart when lying down. Then slowly lower the bar to your chest and, after a short pause, press the weight back up in a controlled manner. With this well-known exercise you train the entire chest muscle.

Where can I test dumbbell sets?

If you would like to try our dumbbell sets - whether dumbbell or barbell sets - in person, we invite you to one of our HAMMER partners.