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  • Precision power station with independent handle arms
  • Leg extension and leg flexion function in one module
  • 96 kg weight block in solid studio construction
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Train at home without compromise – just like at the fitness studio. Inspire M3 by HAMMER – your premium multi-gym: Top-quality materials, perfect ergonomics, a robust, studio-quality construction and more than 100 professional workout exercises.

In a class of its own! Personal training workout-on-demand app. Work out with the very best personal trainers in Los Angeles – the Mecca of the fitness world!

The Inspire M3 multi-gym by HAMMER has everything you could possibly want:

Optimal functionality and a premium-look studio design for your home are perfectly combined in this multi-gym. The Inspire M3 multi-gym offers top-class full-body workouts and only has a footprint of around 2 m². All main muscle groups can be intensively trained with up to 96 kg (215 lb) weights - even the most ambitious weight lifters will have to work hard. The perfect motivator: "Personal Training on Demand", available via the Inspire training app, adjusts your training to your personal goals at the highest level. Your personal trainer is right there on his own M3 to help you focus on training your back, building muscles or going through a quick weight training.

Unilateral press and pull options for a diverse and effective weight and muscle building workout

Muscles are challenged unevenly in everyday life, which leads to muscular imbalance. Most multi-gyms on the market today offer bilateral fitness exercises (both press and pull arms are moved in unison and interdependently). The effect here is that your stronger side will automatically try to compensate for the lack of power on your weaker side. Unilateral training (both press and pull arms move independently of each other) will even out this imbalance. Another good reason for the use of unilateral training is the prophylactic effect. Deep muscle can be trained much more effectively with unilateral workouts than with bilateral exercises. Deep muscle tissue is strengthened more efficiently, which prevents injuries in everyday movements or sports activities. Studies have also shown that unilateral training achieves much better muscle building results than the bilateral version.

Free butterfly exercises for chest training with various training angles

The lateral butterfly pull cables facilitate a highly effective build-up of all chest muscles. The upper, middle and lower chest muscles are optimally trained. Changing the training angle as part of each set (1 set = multiple reps) is particularly effective. The skin-friendly, non-slip handgrips are fully rotatable and therefore extra joint-friendly.

Integrated “AB Crunch” for intensive and fully controlled abdominal training

The integrated ab trainer module helps prevent execution and stance errors. Abdominal muscles are trained separately for best effect and extra fast muscle building.

Perfect rowing motion in a comfortable sitting position

The AB Crunch/rowing module allows effective rowing exercises for the development of strong back muscles or a defined latissimus.

Rehabilitation/physiotherapy leg curl

The leg curl can be set to a minimum training distance. Perfect for working through knee pain or after a knee injury.

Bilateral cable pull with gradient adjustment

The active pulleys on the bilateral cable pull allow a variety of training angles. Muscles are variably trained and additionally stimulated to promote muscle gain.

Studio feature: Adjustable thigh pad for various leg lengths

The thigh pads are 6-way adjustable for various leg lengths and exercise types. In effect, the Inspire M3 is the perfect choice for tall individuals with a body height of around 2 metres.

Separate biceps curl

The premium-quality biceps curl included in this multi-gym is essential for sophisticated arm training. The Inspire M3 with its perfect movement bandwidth is far superior to other typical home gyms for this exercise too.

Ideal: Combined leg raise and reversed leg raise module

The leg raise and reverse leg raise function consists of a single module that can be switched around in seconds via the quick adjustment mechanism. Well-developed leg biceps don’t just look impressive, they are also a great prerequisite for a variety of sports like jogging, cycling and more.

Handlebar for abductor and adductor training

The inner and outer thigh muscles (adductor and abductor training) are put into shape perfectly with the supplied foot loop. These exercises are particularly popular with women to prevent cellulite. Another great feature of the Inspire M3: The handrails at the back with grip options ensure a secure stand of the user, which allows him or her to fully concentrate on their exercises.

Ergonomically adjustable comfort seat with professional, studio-grade foam padding

The M3 comfort seat is 6-way height-adjustable. That means you can adjust the seat height to your exact body dimensions. The multi-gym is therefore the perfect choice for any body height up to 2 m.

Professional flat bench/incline bench and shoulder press

The angle of the ergonomic backrest can be adjusted in 4 increments. Step 1: Flat bench press, Step 2: Incline bench press 1, Step 3: Incline bench press 2 and Step 4: Shoulder press. You will train healthily, with effective focus on muscle groups and an optimised workout angle. The professional, extra durable studio-quality foam material ensures a stable and very comfortable sitting position.

High-quality construction and stylish design for optimal performance

Visually, the M3 multi-gym stands out with its modern and very attractive design despite its rugged robustness. The M3 will look great in any room environment. The basic construction consists of highly robust premium steel. A high-quality, scratch-resistant powder coating in a modern and attractive design (black) ensures longevity and will fit any interior style. The M3 multi-gym is additionally equipped with a sealed roller ball bearing that will withstand rigorous weight training at maximum loads. This premium-quality professional multi-gym is suitable for higher weight classes up to max. 150 kg.

Optimal motion cycles and studio-quality stability

The precision ball bearing in the deflection rollers ensures a very quiet and smooth motion cycle. The extra robust, studio-quality construction and a 4-point floor contact system ensure absolute stability, including for lateral exercises.

A fitness studio for your home offering more than 100 exercises for all muscle groups

The many individual stations and workout options allow you to focus on muscle groups with a variety of exercises. The highly variable exercise types and the sophisticated geometry of the Inspire M3 multi-gym by HAMMER guarantee fast and targeted muscle building results without compromise. Do you want your own fitness studio at home? Do you want to train professionally and effectively? The M3 multi-gym allows you to work out professionally and flexibly when and where you like, to build muscles or simply maintain or improve your health.

Inspire M3 by HAMMER – the fitness studio for your home that will let you reach your fitness goals at your own pace:

  • A defined upper body, muscular arms, a broad V-shaped lower back and a chiselled six pack
  • Powerful legs with strong thighs and calves, as well as defined glutes
  • The power workout you want: health-oriented or competitive weight training
  • Choose healthy, prophylactic back training or targeted muscle building of your back muscles


SKU 3632
Manufacturer INSPIRE by HAMMER
Color black
Material Steel
Gewicht 239 kg

Training possibilities

Bench press Yes
Butterfly Yes
Neck press Yes
Back pull Yes
Rowing Yes
Lat pull Yes
Biceps curl Yes
Triceps Yes
Eversed leg raises Yes
Leg curl sitting Yes
Leg raise Yes
Belly Yes
Leg press Yes

Dimensions and weight

Build up size (L x W x H) 183 x 102 x 205 cm (Space requirements 220 x 290 x 210 cm)
Ceiling height 210 cm
Weight block 96 kg
Max. resistance 115 kg
Upgradable with additional weights No
Max. body weight 150 kg
Maximum of usable weight 96 kg


Delivery time 4-8 working days
Delivery Information Delivery to curbside (Please leave your phone number when ordering, so we can arrange a suitable delivery date for you)
Private use
on the product 3 years
on the main frame 10 years
Semi-professional use
on the product 1 year on
on the main frame 5 years

* Semi-professional use: For use in hotels, sports clubs, etc. - not in fitness studios

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