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Professional total package for your boxing training

A boxing set can consist of a punching bag and boxing gloves, for example, and is everything you need to start boxing training at home. The boxing sets only differ in the scope of the products they contain. In addition to smaller sets, you can also buy a boxing set consisting of a punching bag, boxing gloves, skipping rope, storage bag and training computer for your boxing training. Start your boxing training at home with the right boxing set from HAMMER.


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    Sparring Pro
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Buy punching bag set

If you want to start boxing and don't yet own any boxing equipment, a punching bag set is a good choice. With your own punching bag set, you can start martial arts at home and put your punching power, speed and endurance to the test. A punching bag set from HAMMER BOXING is equipped differently. The basis of every punching bag set is a pair of gloves and a punching bag. Depending on the set, a boxing computer, skipping rope, storage bag or training DVD are also included. The training DVD in particular helps to learn the various punches and punching techniques. This is ideal for boxing beginners.

The children's boxing sets are perfectly matched to children in colour and size and are equipped either with a champions belt or small gifts such as a boxing glove key ring. This way, even the smallest ones will be enthusiastic about boxing!

Delivery is free of charge for you - as the manufacturer, we take over the shipping costs for you.

Buy a punching bag with gloves easily and risk-free: If you don't like the set, you can return it to us within 14 days and get your money back.

Box-Set Sparring Fit

The HAMMER BOXING Sparring Fit boxing set is the perfect introduction for training beginners and offers everything you need to start boxing training at home. In addition to the punching bag and boxing gloves, it also includes a training DVD that makes all boxing techniques learnable at home.

Box-Set Sparring Professional

The HAMMER BOXING Sparring Professional boxing set is very suitable for advanced or professional boxers and includes everything a boxer's heart desires. In addition to the punching bag and boxing gloves, the boxing set also includes a professional jump rope for warming up before the training session as well as a professional ceiling hook and a boxing DVD.