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These fitness trampolines for at home offer fitness training with a particularly high fun factor! Trampoline fitness is one of the most effective workouts out there, with maximum and quickly visible results. A HAMMER Jumping Fitness trampoline is the perfect training device for at home, requires little space and creates a particularly high and long-lasting training motivation thanks to the fun factor. Trampoline fitness is also particularly effective and has an extremely high calorie consumption. Regardless of wind and weather and at any time of the day, you can train comfortably at home on the fitness trampoline.

The continuous alternation of stress and relief promotes the strengthening of your endurance, strength, movement and balance. Since no previous knowledge is required and the intensity of the fitness trampoline can be determined by yourself, trampoline jumping is equally suitable for young and old. The handrail integrated into our HAMMER Jump Fitness trampoline ensures a particularly safe workout and promises a stable hold even with ambitious jumps or fast exercise sequences.

If you don't like the fitness trampoline, you can send it back to us within 14 days and you will get your money back.

What is a fitness trampoline with support bar and rubber ropes?

A fitness trampoline or jumping trampoline is not to be confused with a "fun trampoline" found in many gardens. Rather, the fitness trampoline with pole is a highly effective piece of fitness equipment that you can use to get in top shape. Buy a fitness trampoline and the endorphin boost is included!

Lose weight with a fitness trampoline - why do the pounds tumble by jumping?

Hardly any other sport burns so many calories and burns fat at full speed as trampoline jumping. With regular training on the fitness trampoline, you can burn up to 1000 calories per hour. It supports you in muscle building and you continuously improve your:

  • cardiovascular system
  • endurance
  • coordination
  • balance

What exercises are possible with a fitness trampoline?

With the HAMMER Cross Jump trampoline you can make your training even more varied. Namely through the specially developed and patented Jumping Points (Pat.). In contrast to conventional fitness trampolines, these circular markings on the jumping mat enable a perfect exercise sequence and thus ensure better orientation. Jumps and techniques are particularly easy to learn with the Jumping Points and also enable beginners to quickly experience success with trampoline fitness.

Training with our JumpStep is even more challenging. Thanks to the additional step, you can combine step aerobics with jumping fitness on the fitness trampoline. Infinite sequences of steps and super motivating choreographies - that's JumpStep.

What are the advantages of a fitness trampoline compared to other sports equipment?

Training on the Jump Fitness trampoline is guaranteed to be fun. The numerous positive effects on the body should not be ignored:

  • It stimulates the metabolism
  • Improves the cardiovascular system
  • Strengthens the bones
  • Improves the ability to concentrate and react
  • Promotes mobility
  • Trains the muscles
  • Helps relieve stress

Fat burning and weight loss

Trampolining burns up to 1,000 calories an hour without feeling like you're exerting yourself. The body cells are increasingly supplied with oxygen, which they absolutely need in order to metabolize in the aerobic area. This is how fat is optimally burned and broken down during trampoline fitness. The movement on the mini trampoline is particularly suitable for losing weight, since everyone can start immediately. Studies even show that this type of training stimulates the metabolism so much that calories are still being burned long after you have left the trampoline.

Improves the cardiovascular system

The constant alternation between tensing and relaxing during trampoline fitness primarily requires endurance and thus strengthens the cardiovascular system in the long term. Anaerobic exercise on the trampoline strengthens the heart in a similar way to cardio exercises, jogging or jumping rope.

Strengthens joints and bones

Trampolining can even reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis. A compression stimulus is triggered with every jump, every seesaw or bounce. This causes the body to produce synovial fluid and strengthen the bones. Thanks to the cushioning provided by the suspension with expander rope, training on the fitness trampoline at home is particularly easy on the joints.

Promotes balance and coordination

Trampolining challenges both sides of the brain, as they have to interact with each other. This happens due to the alternation of gravity and weightlessness. Positive impulses are released during a workout on the fitness trampoline. Regular training has been shown to improve balance, coordination, concentration and the ability to react.

HAMMER - Stepper Image Cross Stepper

Trains mobility

During the trampoline workout, tendons, muscles and ligaments are loosened and pre-stretched. Cartilage tissue, intervertebral discs and spine are better supplied and overall elasticity is improved. Jumping barefoot, for example, stimulates the receptors in the feet, which has a positive effect on the nervous system.

Builds muscle

Hardly any other piece of fitness equipment uses as many muscles at the same time as the mini trampoline. The constant tension of the entire body challenges the back, stomach and even the smallest muscles, such as e.g. B. the multifidi of the spine. These hold the vertebrae in place. With every swing, the body has to balance the entire spectrum from a maximum of four times gravity to weightlessness with the muscles. No wonder that all 638 muscles have to work.

Good for the lymphatic system

Above all, training on the fitness trampoline stimulates the lymphatic system, which is extremely important for breathing. In the moment of weightlessness on the fitness trampoline, the body cells expand. They absorb as much liquid as possible. When you land on the trampoline, the absorbed liquid is pressed back into the lymphatic system. Trampolining keeps the lymphatic system going and thus promotes the natural cleansing process.

Helps to reduce stress and puts you in a good mood

Regular training on the fitness trampoline has a positive effect on the metabolism, the heart and the mental state. It provides a positive feeling of relaxation and calming. This can reduce long-term stress and even help with depression. When jumping, the happiness hormone "endorphin" is released, which puts you in a good mood.

What should I look for when buying a fitness trampoline?

The quality is in the details

If you want to buy a fitness trampoline, there are a few criteria that you should consider. Good workmanship and comfortable suspension are requirements that you should pay attention to if you want to buy a fitness trampoline. These criteria are decisive when buying your own fitness trampoline:

  • suspension
  • frame construction
  • grab handle
  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Foldable
  • jumping mat
  • legs
  • size of the jumping surface
  • edge coverage
  • room height

Elastic suspension

A comfortable and soft suspension is crucial for training comfort when jumping on the trampoline. High-quality suspension systems reduce the shock load on the joints enormously. For fitness trampolines, we recommend elastic rubber rope suspension instead of hard springs.

Stable frame construction

Since the frame of the fitness trampoline has to withstand a high constant load, attention should be paid to the processing material. A steel construction guarantees maximum durability and stability of the fitness trampoline.

Grab handle or grab bar

There are fitness trampolines with or without a handle or pole. In general, a trampoline with a pole can be very helpful, especially for beginners. It supports training on the fitness trampoline and stabilizes when jumping. This provides a sense of security. In addition, a trampoline with a handle offers the opportunity to expand the workout with numerous fun exercises. Professionals also benefit from the handle. The additional stability enables even more step combinations and choreographies.

Easy and quick assembly

If you want to buy a fitness trampoline, your motivation is very high. You would like to start straight away with the trampoline fitness workout. A stress-free, simple setup ensures a smooth start to training. The HAMMER Cross Jump scores here with a quick assembly aid. Thanks to the patented assembly markings on the rubber band, assembly is child's play. They allow the rubber band to be drawn in evenly through the loops of the jumping mat. In this way, the band always has the same distance until the end of the construction process and the perfect jumping surface is created without any problems. Repeated, time-consuming pulling of the rubber band through the loops on the jumping mat is no longer necessary.

Foldable models

It is particularly practical if the trampoline is foldable and can be easily stowed away after the fitness trampoline. Our Cross Jump folds flat in a flash so you can stow it under the sofa after your workout.

HAMMER - Fitnesstrampoin Image CrossJump

High quality jumping mat

Poor quality jumping mats tear quickly and spoil the fun of the sport. In addition, poor-quality jumping mats can put unnecessary strain on the joints. Therefore, always note the maximum load capacity of the jumping mat.

Stable legs

The legs are the foundation of a good fitness trampoline. These should be of high quality so that the fitness trampoline stands firmly on the ground. To avoid slipping around during the workout, we recommend non-slip rubber covers.

Size of the jumping surface

If the diameter of the jumping surface is larger, you can concentrate better on your workout on the fitness trampoline. A jumping surface with a diameter of 95-100 cm is completely sufficient for trampoline fitness training.

Solid edge coverage

The edge cover must cover the entire suspension system. Otherwise, your feet can get caught between the springs or elastic ropes when jumping on the fitness trampoline. The thicker the edge cover, the safer training on the fitness trampoline is.

Required room height

When jumping on the fitness trampoline at home, there should of course be enough space to the ceiling. With a body height of 2 m, a room height of 2.40 m is completely sufficient. Since you do not want to jump in the air when you buy a fitness trampoline for your home, but want to train your endurance and fitness with rocking movements that are easy on your back and joints, a normal room height is sufficient for training on the fitness trampoline.

Available accessories

It is important that spare parts are available in case parts of the trampoline should become damaged. Additional material, such as a special workout with the fitness trampoline, ensures lasting motivation.

In this video, our personal trainer Jasmin introduces you to the HAMMER Cross Jump Fitness trampoline so that you can see all the benefits in a nutshell. Then you know what is important when buying a fitness trampoline. You will also receive training tips and exercises that you can complete on your new fitness trampoline.

What do I do with a Jumping Fitness Trampoline?

Holistic, intensive, effective - no other workout is as versatile as training on the fitness trampoline. Just 10 minutes a day are enough to trigger numerous positive effects on the body.

Exercises on the fitness trampoline

Trampolining is anything but one-sided. Everything is possible, from simple swings or springs to coordination-demanding jump combinations. The exercises on the fitness trampoline can be playful or sporty intensive. Above all, the exercises are very easy on the back and joints. Different movement patterns bring variety to the workout on the mini trampoline. With a few simple basic techniques, individual training units can be designed yourself:

  • Swing
  • Rockers
  • Run
  • Easy hopping


Slight swinging on the fitness trampoline should always be used at the beginning of a training session. This basic exercise warms up the entire body and uses all the muscles. To do this, stand about hip-width apart and begin to lift your heels with a slight swing. The tips of your toes always remain in contact with the trampoline. Bend your knees and lift your heels again as if you are about to jump off.


Rocking is another form of swinging. Stand parallel on the trampoline, hip-width apart. The weight should be evenly distributed on both feet. Now begin to alternately shift your weight from your left foot to your right foot. This is where the deeper muscles in particular are activated and warmed up.


When running, the knees are alternately slightly raised as when jogging. The arms swing. Keep your posture as upright as possible. Due to the uneven surface of the jumping surface, balance is primarily trained here.

Easy hopping

This exercise is basically an extension of the swing. This means that the tips of your toes can now lift off the fitness trampoline. Here it is not important to jump as high as possible. Instead, pay attention to a clean execution: upright upper body, legs remain parallel. When jumping lightly, you primarily boost fat burning. The cardiovascular system is strengthened and endurance improved.

If you want to increase the intensity again, you can use for the trampoline fitness workout. These can be tied around wrists and ankles.

Who is the Fitness Trampoline suitable for?

Basically, it can be said that jumping on the fitness trampoline at home is suitable for everyone. Everything is extremely easy on the joints: every exercise, every jump, every movement. Training on the mini trampoline not only strengthens all muscle groups, but also stimulates metabolic activity and improves mobility and sense of balance without putting a strain on the joints. Even people with physical disabilities can train without any problems.

Obese people

It is usually difficult to find the right training method to get rid of excess weight in the long term. Overweight people often struggle with pain in their knees and hips. In this case, trampolining is a wonderful remedy. By cushioning the jumps, the muscles are activated, but at the same time the stress on the joints is minimized. If you are struggling with being overweight, you will find a painless and effective solution with the alternative trampoline jumping.

Sports beginners

Sports beginners in particular will have a lot of fun training after buying a fitness trampoline. The first movements are very easy to perform. The typical "jumping" is a movement pattern that you don't have to learn first. So you can quickly and easily start with a first trampoline workout.


Sports enthusiasts who are looking for a new training stimulus will be delighted with the fitness trampoline. If simple bouncing and jumping is too undemanding, you can try challenging step combinations and choreographies. When training on the fitness trampoline, you never get bored.

Where can I test a Fitness Trampoline?

Do you want to test and evaluate your new favourite product before buying a trampoline? No problem. You can test your new trampoline on site at our partners. Let the training experts give you detailed advice on how to buy the perfect trampoline for you.

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