Bio Force Extreme Core

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  • Revolutionary, noiseless TNT resistance technology without weights
  • Integrated pull-up handles
  • Six pack add ons: 2x AB loops & 1x AB strap
  • Max. Resistance of 125 kg for high-intensity workouts
  • Over 100 different exercises for the whole body
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The all-rounder among the multi-gyms - works without any weights.

Revolution in strength training

The Bio Force Extreme Core from FINNLO incl. pull-up handles, abdominal training rope AB-Strap, leg loop and Arm loops are the revolution in strength training! Instead of being equipped with conventional weight blocks, The Bio Force Extreme Core has a space-worthy TNT resistance technology (Total Nitrocell Technology). The nitrogen-filled cylinders create a perfectly even resistance and work completely silently. As an evolution of our Bio Force base model, the Bio Force Extreme Core comes with new ones pull-up handles and thus offers even more variety of exercises for your full-body strength training. More Training variants, more variety, faster to the powerful V-shape.

When buying, pay attention to the original!

You only have the original quality assurance with FINNLO Bio Force, the original.

How to recognize the original:

  • Safety hook for safe training and perfect rope guidance
  • 88-page exercise guide in nylon folder
  • 2 laminated exercise pads for men and women
  • FINNLO logo on the back pad
  • Tablet holder: variety and motivation through music, films and training videos (tablet not included)
  • Latissimus pin: Effective latissimus pulling is possible even for people taller than 1.80 meters

Adjust faster - train more effectively

The settings on the FINNLO Bio Force Extreme Core are very easy and quick to make. For example, you can easily incorporate dropsets (reduction sets) into your training. The sliding locking mechanism offers the option of increasing the resistance up to 125 kg in 1.25 kg increments can be adjusted with a flick of the wrist without having to get up from the multi-gym. At the same Performing the exercise enables the bilateral resistance setting of the multi-gym to provide compensatory training for the weaker side of the body – up to 62.5 kg can be adjusted on each side.

The equipment of the multi-gym is rounded off by strong accessories: pull-up handles, AB loops, abdominal training rope AB strap and a leg loop. The seat can be adjusted vertically and adjusted individually. For advanced exercise variants, the seat can be easily removed from the multi-gym.

Broad shoulders and neck with different exercise variants

You train your shoulders with the exercise rowing while standing, cable cross or with the lat pull bar. You have variety with the exercises shoulder press and front/side raises while sitting. In the cable pull position from below, you can use the handles to perform shoulder pulls (shrugs) and lateral raises while standing. alternative uses You use the lat bar for the standing neck pull.

Powerful chest workout

With the Bio Force Extreme Core you can train your chest with various exercises: Bench press and incline bench press with the cable pull handles or the butterfly exercises are just a few examples of how you can train your strong chest in a targeted manner.

Biceps and triceps workout

You train your defined arm muscles (biceps and triceps) with the different grip variations standing bicep curls. You can use the lower cable pull handles optimally for this. integrate Hammer curls, concentration curls while sitting and forearm/upper arm curls for even more muscle stimulation and variety. Your triceps will work up a sweat with the following exercises: tricep presses, for example overhead, kickbacks, Crossed dips and triceps extensions.

Back fit with a strong latissimus

For your back training, the multi-gym offers you a latissimus train with a lat bar, alternatively the hand grips on the cable pull or you use the rowing exercise while standing. You can also use the lower pulleys to perform the deadlift exercise.

Your defined six pack

With the Bio Force Extreme Core, you get a complete ab package: Use the AB-Strap abdominal training rope for crunches or the arm straps for Roman chair raises (leg raises). You can train the lateral abdominal muscles, for example, with the handles on the cable pulls.

Universal leg training

With the lower cable pull handles, you can do squats and deadlifts while standing. The leg extension and Leg curl unit is perfectly designed for your thigh workout. With the leg curls, your hamstrings become muscular eye-catcher. The practical and versatile leg loop is already included in the scope of delivery. With this you train e.g. your glutes with kickbacks or your calves with leg presses. You can with the loop additionally shape the abductors and adductors.

Strong sitting and standing

The backrest of the high-quality comfort seat with seat cushion can be adjusted in 5 different positions. Do you need more? The seat can be easily removed from the multi-gym to accommodate the training session. Strength athletes with a height of up to 1.88 m can adjust the seat comfortably and then work out.

Your "V-Shape Body"

Pull-ups - THE exercise for the arm and back muscles. With the Bio Force pull-up handles you can You can now effectively perform this classic and master every pull-up challenge. The grips are optimally developed for narrow and wide pull-ups. So you bring even more Variety in your training and challenge your muscle groups through the different grip positions. The tight pull-ups with the underhand grip are a very good alternative to the well-known wide ones Overhand grip pull-ups. The training execution in the underhand grip strengthens the lower and vertical muscle fibers of the latissimus and your biceps. The exercise with tight pull-ups is particularly effective for building a strong back. Through the more intensive involvement of Biceps, the version is also slightly easier than the wide grip version. The following muscle groups are perfectly trained with pull-ups on the Bio Force Extreme Core:

  • Large back muscle (musculus latissimus dorsi)
  • Trapezius muscle (musculus trapezius)
  • Rhomboid muscle (musculus rhomboideus major)
  • The teres major muscle
  • Biceps (musculus biceps brachii)
  • Upper arm spokes muscle (musculus brachioradialis)
  • Arm flexor (musculus brachialis)

Get Shredded - 2 AB loops and 1 AB strap for your six-pack training included

The scope of delivery also includes 2 arm straps and 1 AB strap for your perfect six-pack training. This allows you to effectively train all abdominal muscle areas and thus specifically eliminate imbalances counteract training. Both the lateral and the straight abdominal muscles, you can with these ingenious Shape extras properly and develop them professionally. Simply hang the 2 AB abdominal loops quickly and easily on the pull-up bar and just like in the studio Start your six pack training. The two loops are very comfortable, relieve arm and shoulder strain and are included extremely resilient. A soft inner lining ensures a comfortable and concentrated workout. The two Safety carabiners guarantee a maximum load capacity of up to 180 kg. The handy AB strap is made of nylon and can be easily attached to the cables using the integrated rings attach. The comfortable shoulder pad ensures optimal power transmission, the functional handles of the AB straps for a firm and secure grip during your exercise.

Mobile all-rounder

The Bio Force Extreme Core is the perfect multi-gym for your home and can do more than others Multi-gyms: A real all-rounder! Overall, the Bio Force Extreme Core only weighs around 80 kg and can can be easily adjusted in space with the transport rollers.

More great benefits

Extreme variety of exercises

With the Bio Force Extreme Core you get a variety of training options in a compact and confined space delivered to your home. You don't need annoying trips to the studio, no gym membership. You enjoy Your body training is focused within your own four walls.

You can now achieve the following training goals from home:

  • Wide, defined chest and upper body, strong XXL upper arms and a wide "V-shape body"
  • Strong, broad shoulders
  • More torso strength through core training, powerful six-pack
  • Muscular thighs and calves


SKU 3848
Manufacturer FINNLO
Color black/red
Material Steel
Gewicht 80 kg

Training possibilities

Bench press Yes
Butterfly Yes
Neck press Yes
Back pull Yes
Rowing Yes
Lat pull Yes
Biceps curl Yes
Triceps Yes
Eversed leg raises Yes
Leg curl sitting Yes
Belly Yes
Leg press No

Dimensions and weight

Build up size (L x W x H) 135 x 170 x 218 cm (Space requirements 180 x 228 x 218 cm)
Ceiling height 225 cm
Weight block No
Max. resistance 125 kg
Max. body weight 135 kg


Delivery time 3-6 working days
Delivery Information Delivery to curbside (Please leave your phone number when ordering, so we can arrange a suitable delivery date for you)
Private use
on the product 3 years
on the main frame 10 years
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