Optimal equipment for even more effective strength training

The first fitness equipment is already in your home gym and to make your strength training even more varied, effective and intensive, are you looking for suitable accessories? A rack for dumbbells or weight plate racks also help you to tidy up and organise your fitness room. Training gloves, dumbbells, weights, floor protection mats, stands and shelves - find a variety of training support accessories for your strength training at home.


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    Fitness Towel
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Accessories are of utmost importance in strength training. Whether in the gym or strength training at home - accessories make strength training more effective and comprehensive. Individual muscle groups can be targeted even better with special grips or other accessories. In the HAMMER SPORT online shop you will find a large selection of strength training accessories.

An important training accessory in strength training are training gloves such as the HAMMER fitness gloves. This is an optimal support for strength training on equipment or with dumbbells. The padding protects your palm from unsightly calluses and abrasions during training.

The various handles are also an important accessory for strength training. For example, if you train with the FINNLO parallel pull handle when doing back pulls, you will get a more defined back due to the tight grip position.

Training with accessories

By using accessories you can make your strength training more effective and versatile, e.g. the FINNLO triceps rope is a popular supplementary tool for arm stretching on the cable pulley. You can easily attach the triceps rope to the upper hook of a power station (e.g. the FINNLO Autark 600 Multi-Gym ). Then take the triceps rope in both hands and slowly extend your arms downwards. In the final phase of the movement move the arms slightly outwards. Then move upwards again in a controlled manner. This exercise is more demanding in terms of coordination than training with a conventional triceps bar.

Test accessories

If you want to see the different accessories in person, you can visit our HAMMER partners. There you will find a variety of accessories for your strength training at home. Just come by and try them out!