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  • Hi-Tech Nytrocell traction technology with 6 resistance levels
  • Flexible height adjustment
  • Patented cable pull with a professional rope length of 146 cm
  • 180° rotatable for versatile training with a perfect pull angle
  • Innovative Design
Estimated delivery: 05.04.2023 - 11.04.2023
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Probably the most compact cable trainer in the world.

Innovation meets quality

A strong body and good muscles are the prerequisite for a pain-free life into old age. Today, however, we spend a large part of our lives in Sitting, at work, on the go in the car or on the sofa. To stay fit in the long term so you have to be active! The good news: 30 minutes twice a week is enough Build muscles, tighten your figure and your performance, as well as quality of life to increase sustainably. However, you have little space at home for a versatile, balanced strength training. With the FINNLO CABL, that's no longer a problem! In just 1.5 m² you use all important muscle groups without compromise. Upper body, arms, legs, bottom and torso can be sustainably strengthened. Training with FINNLO CABL is efficient and particularly effective. Thanks to the innovative, unobtrusive tech design, the patented cable pull can be unobtrusively in integrate into your living room or bedroom. Even a short training session in between is therefore possible nothing more in the way. Everything is possible with the FINNLO CABL - and even more!

Unlimited uses

What is your goal in your training? Regardless of whether you need muscles for your favorite sport build up, improve problem areas, prevent back pain, tighten your figure or simply want to stay fit and healthy – the FINNLO CABL is the right choice in any case choice for you. The unprecedented compact design and easy wall mounting is suitable this effective device for use at home or in hotel rooms as well as in Personal training, yoga and Pilates studios. The FINNLO CABL allows you to train silently for all muscle groups on the smallest Space. Convince yourself of the unlimited application possibilities of this innovative training device.

Your benefits

  • Hi-Tech Nytrocell tension technology for sensational pulley dynamics
  • Visible muscle build-up through powerful movement
  • Healthy back training with many variations
  • Training for the glutes in studio quality
  • Versatile body toning for the entire body
  • Intensive leg training

Quick and easy to adjust resistance for every exercise

Bio Force Nytrocell technology that has been tried and tested 50,000 times over. With the FINNLO CABL, it's child's play to find your perfect training weight. The unique Total Nytrocell resistance allows an accurate Dosing of the power resistance for a gradual muscle build-up. This revolutionary technology works with nitrogen cylinders instead of weight stacks. Already in space and at others This TNT resistance system has proven itself many times over in strength machines. Choose between six different difficulty levels. This corresponds to a bandwidth of 3 to 16 kg. Both beginners and Advanced athletes can easily use the same FINNLO CABL thanks to this variety. Completely noiseless and with just one movement you will find your perfect resistance.

Perfectly even power resistance and professional pulley dynamics without weights

The ergonomic movement dynamics are characterized by a particularly even movement Resistance from the starting to the ending position. Also compared to classic cable pulls with weight resistance, the CABL has some advantages. Through the unique resistance technology In contrast to the traditional cable pull, explosive movements can be trained without a moment of inertia arises. In addition, silent training is possible. Additionally allows the practical quick adjustment system an almost infinite variety of workouts and has the right intensity ready for every fitness level.

Impressive training variability - 150 cm height-adjustable with one-hand mechanism

The 150 cm long aluminum rail allows exercises from above, in the middle and from below. Arms, shoulders, abs, legs, buttocks and back. Here you can definitely use your entire body strengthen! Train all main muscle groups in the smallest of spaces with just one device. By gently pressing the adjustment lever, the power pack glides effortlessly on the Aluminum rail up to the desired exercise height. The swiveling pulling head allows unlimited Variety of ideas regarding your workout wishes. After training, the cable pull can easily can be taken off the rail and stowed away.

180 degrees rotatable - even more exercises

The cable pull unit of the FINNLO CABL can be quickly and just rotate 180 degrees. For example, you can do powerful pulling exercises the upper position visibly strengthen your back. By rotational movements at the level of center of the body, you effectively shape your abdominal muscles and at the same time strengthen your entire body Hull. Train your legs effectively with the help of the foot slings just above ground level and glutes. Due to the changed pulling angle, the intensity can also be increased and muscles can be built up in a more targeted manner.

All in One

By simply regulating the resistance are both simple and complex multiple exercises possible. Explosive movements for golf or tennis swings, for example, can also be used trained will. So you can easily do supersets or pyramid training with on and off decreasing Integrate load intensity into your training routine.

Perfect industrial precision mechanics

Cable training at the highest level. With the patented FINNLO CABL you can you are guaranteed to train in a space-saving and timelessly beautiful way for the rest of your life. Double bearing-mounted, 120-degree rotatable castors with a reliable swivel joint allow this perfect workout in all directions. The extremely solid and at the same time thin Industrial power cable ensures impressively low rolling resistance. So bring your gym home and enjoy comfortable, top-class training.

Sensational problem zone training

With the FINNLO Cabl you have the choice: focus on posture-optimizing exercises for the upper body? Or you turn the cable unit down and tighten with powerful Are your leg muscles moving? The flexible pull system allows effective full-body workouts. So you can also train according to a structured weekly training plan. Through the practical Quick adjustment mechanisms are also easy to use for motivating sessions with a training partner possible. Your problem areas will be forgotten in no time and your muscles will be visibly shaped be!

Practical foot straps for defined legs

As you know it from the studio, the FINNLO CABL naturally also has foot straps for an effective toning of the leg and buttock muscles. Especially when doing lower body workouts you also benefit from the extra-long pull rope.

Wing Arm Training

Flabby arms? Finally a thing of the past with FINNLO CABL. Targeted arm and upper body training like that effective like never before. Do you prefer to practice with ergonomically shaped handles? Or there the particularly skin-friendly, non-slip and sufficiently long tricep rope is the best for you training feeling? In any case, both modules are ideal for sweaty people Workouts against the wavy arms. From pushing movements for the back of the arm to pulling exercises for the back and shoulder muscles to chest muscle training are your creativity no limits.

Strong core - healthy back

A defined body needs strong abdominal muscles. Use the training rope for this for functional six-pack exercises. You can do something special with the ergo handles health-promoting Train rotational movements for strong lateral abdominal muscles.

Absolutely silent - Apartment-approved!

Thanks to the unique technology, you can train at any time of the day or night. No banging of weights, but a particularly stable, noiseless pulling technique. In addition, the attachment is uncomplicated via an aluminum rail. A 6 mm concrete drill and Matching dowels and screws are already included in the scope of delivery. FINNLO CABL is suitable therefore ideal for apartments and rented flats. Your neighbors remain undisturbed and there is no more excuses for consistent training.

Timelessly beautiful, urban product design

This FINNLO cable pull integrates perfectly into your living room and bedroom. The reduced Tech design even won awards. FINNLO CABL is the crowned gold winner of the GOOD Design Awards. This Australian award has been recognizing outstanding achievements since 1958 in design and innovation.


Uniquely compact design: FINNLO CABL enables a micro exercise room of just 1.5 m². The compact design enables it to be used even in the smallest of living spaces. Yours will be delivered to you CABL of course fully assembled and with an inspiring exercise book. An annoying Screwing together is not necessary. Finally train effectively without space problems!

Maximum exercise variability, even for body sizes of up to two meters

The professional rope length of 146 cm enables perfect rope pull exercises for people up to two sizes Meter.


SKU 6781
Manufacturer FINNLO
Color white
Material Plastic
Gewicht 3.5 kg

Training possibilities

Butterfly Yes
Rowing Yes
Biceps curl Yes
Triceps Yes
Leg raise Yes
Belly Yes
Triceps rope Yes

Dimensions and weight

Build up size (L x W x H) 52 x 20 cm, rail length 150 cm
Weight block No
Max. resistance 16 kg


Delivery time 4-8 working days
Delivery Information Delivery to the apartment door
Private use
on the product 3 years
on the main frame 10 years
Summary of all possible strength exercises with the CABL

You can find out how to do the exercises correctly and exactly which muscle groups are trained by clicking on the respective exercise.

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