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Training with a barbell with weight plates or a barbell set allows you to build up your muscles effectively and are a must for classic strength exercises. The selection of different barbells shows you that the classic barbell with weight plates no longer exists. Depending on your training goals and fitness level, you can buy different barbells. At the same time, you can equip your barbell with different weights to intensify your training.

Start your training with barbells at home. The dumbbells are shipped to you free of charge. If you don't like the barbell, the weight plates or the dumbbell set, you can return them to us free of charge within 14 days. Your money will be refunded.

Training with barbells at home

Training with barbells or a barbell set is versatile. Besides pure weight lifting, a barbell is also suitable for stretching, rotation and back exercises. For strength training, barbells with weights are used for basic exercises such as:

  • Bench press
  • Shoulder press
  • Rowing
  • deadlift
  • or squats

are used. For certain exercises, such as the bench press, a barbell set is recommended. Without the barbell set, consisting of barbell bar, weight plates, weight bench and rack, you cannot perform the bench press exercise.

Depending on where you hold the straight barbell, for example, different muscle areas of your chest are trained. You can therefore vary the barbell workout to suit your individual needs. The weights on the barbell or the kilos of the weight plates play an important role in the training intensity and load. Depending on the weight you choose for your barbell training, i.e. how heavy your barbell with weights is, the intensity of your training changes. It is important that you perform the exercises slowly and in a controlled manner. You move the weights and the barbell with muscle power, not with momentum. As soon as you notice that you are working in an unclean or uncontrolled manner, reduce the weight of the weight plates on the barbell in order to effectively build up your muscles.

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Which exercises are suitable for barbell training?

The basic exercises you can do with a barbell (with weights) are listed above. These include exercises such as bench press, shoulder press, deadlift, squats or rowing. Another classic barbell exercise is the standing barbell curl. The barbell curl is one of the most effective basic exercises for the biceps and uses all parts of the arm flexor. Hold the barbell slightly more than shoulder-width apart, arms not fully extended. Move the barbell upwards by bending your elbow to about 90 degrees and exhale. Hold this position briefly and then lower the barbell slowly.

What should I look for when buying a barbell?

In our online shop you will find barbell combinations for your strength training. You should consider the following criteria when buying barbells:

  • Length and shape of the barbell
  • Barbell material
  • Handle diameter of the barbell
  • Weight plate holder of the barbell
  • Closure type

Length and shape of the barbell

There are straight and curved (SZ-Curl) barbells. The straight barbell is available from 160 cm to 198 cm. These are also the lengths that are suitable for your training with a barbell bar at home. The curved barbell or also called SZ bar / curl bar is mostly used for training the arms and shoulders. The SZ curl bar has a barbell length of 120 cm and the barbell shape is curved.

Barbell material

Depending on the type of training and the training goal, barbells are made of plastic, steel or cast iron. The majority of barbells for training with weights from 20 kg are made of the latter. If you train with a barbell and weight plates of more than 150 kg, a reinforced barbell with a zinc coating is the right choice.

Handle diameter of the barbell

The most common dumbbell bars for training at home have a diameter of 30 mm. Olympic dumbbells or Olympic dumbbells have a diameter of 50 mm and, as the name suggests, meet the Olympic standards.

Weight plate holder of the dumbbell

The Olympic barbell's ball-bearing weight plate holder ensures a safe workout during highly effective exercises such as the clean exercise. In this exercise, the barbell is brought to chest height and then a squat is performed. The Olympic barbell bar guarantees that the entire barbell with weights remains firmly in the hand thanks to the ball bearing. The rotation of the ball bearing is limited to the weight plates in order to prevent injuries during barbell training.

Type of barbell lock

For home fitness, barbells with a star-shaped lock are very popular. With this type of closure, the ends of the holding bars are threaded onto which the supplied star-shaped twist locks are screwed. These hold the weights securely during barbell training. With professional barbell bars such as the Olympian barbell bar, the weight plates are fixed with tension or screw locks.

If you are looking for a barbell with that certain something, you can't go past the HAMMER 76 kg barbell and dumbbell set . With a total of 76 kg of weights, you can effectively train your whole body with either a barbell or a dumbbell. This complete set of bars, weights and fasteners is ready to go.

Classic barbell bar or SZ bar?

What is the difference between the classic straight barbell and the SZ curl bar? The SZ barbell or curl bar has been part of home gym equipment for some time. The difference to a straight barbell is the shape. The curved barbell can make biceps training varied and versatile. The curved shape of the barbell relieves the wrists and you can concentrate more on the execution of the exercises.

The right accessories for barbells

With barbells or a barbell set you can optimally and effectively build up and define muscles. Depending on the type of training, you can also improve your endurance at the same time. A barbell with weights increases the intensity of your training. To make the most of barbell training, there is additional equipment for your barbell at home:

The fitness glove is the classic among training accessories and supports you during strength training with barbells, dumbbells and weights. The non-slip material gives you support and a perfect grip during every exercise. A barbell rack is the professional and space-saving training station for the home and enables versatile training with the barbell. Cages and racks can replace barbell racks and be used with a weight bench for bench presses. You can also train squats and pull-ups on a rack. Weight plates are available in cast iron or chrome in different weight classes. From 0.5 kg upwards, weight plates allow for a variety of barbell workouts. Olympic weight plates start with a weight of 1.25 kg. A floor protection mat is the right base for your barbell, dumbbell or set to protect your floor and reduce noise. A plate holder or weight plate stand offers space for a variety of weight plates. The high quality and sturdy belly allows for 8 weight plate holders, for perfect weight plate storage in your home gym.

In the following video you can learn more about the professional and space-saving barbell training station and how you can use the barbell rack for numerous exercises:

Where can I test and buy barbells?

You can test the different dumbbells with weights at our HAMMER partners before you buy them. We look forward to your visit.

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