Bio Force

Professional strength training at home

The original is only available from us. A Bio Force Multi-Gym, over 100 exercises and no noise from weight blocks. With the TNT resistance technology, you can challenge yourself again and again and strengthen your muscles effectively with different exercise options. With the Bio Force Multi-Gym, you can train your stomach, legs, shoulders and back in equal measure and shape your body. Experience professional strength training at the Bio Force Multi-Gym in your own four walls.


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Bio Force – The Original

Innovative resistance technology meets revolutionary design. With a total of over 100 different exercise options, noiseless and even resistance and a maximum resistance of up to 125kg, our Bio Force multi-gyms will get you going at full speed. Instead of weights, the TNT nitrogen technology generates the training resistance - and it's whisper-quiet.

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Whether abs, legs, shoulders or back - training on the Bio Force is extremely diverse:

  • butterfly
  • bench press
  • lat pulldown
  • leg curl
  • arm curl
  • rowing
  • Tricep press/pull
  • leg press
  • Lift a leg
  • abdominal workout
  • bilateral training

Bio Force - Professional strength training

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, our Bio Force multi-gyms offer you everything you need for your strength training.

Even professionals like basketball player Sebastian Betz from Ratiopharm Ulm and personal trainer Eric Lichter (NSCA – strength and conditioning specialist) from the USA are convinced of Bio Force.

With the Bio Force Extreme multi-gym I can train super functionally. Thanks to the cable pulls, over 100 exercises are possible! Perfect for getting every muscle fiber fit for Bundesliga games!
- Sebastian Bez

“Bio Force helps me remain strong and FIT and challenges me to be a champion every day! WHAT FORCE IS MOVING YOU?”
- Eric Lights

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How do I train with the Bio Force?

To give you a little insight into how professionals train with the Bio Force, we accompanied Felix and Eric during a training session:

The Bio Force is also ideal for women. Would you like a flat stomach and firm legs? We'll show you how:

Where can I test the Bio Force?

Still need help with your decision? Then just visit us and let our HAMMER partners advise you.