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HAMMER Workouts

Here you will find highly motivating strength and cardio classes for training with your fitness equipment at home.

100% free of charge

With us, you train without any hidden costs or additional subscriptions.

Strength & Cardio

More than 15 equipment categories with hundreds of workouts in different classes lengths and intensities.

Let yourself be carried away

Train together with our experienced trainers and feel the excitement in your own four walls.

Crosstrainer Crosstrainer
Jumpstep Jumpstep
Ergometer Ergometer
Bio Force Bio Force
Bodyweight Bodyweight
M3 M3
Smartlock Smartlock
Stretching Stretching
Yoga Yoga
Rudergerät Rowing Machine
Laufband Treadmill
Speedbike Speedbike
Hammer Workouts AppHammer Workouts App

No matter when & where.

Stream hundreds of free workouts easily on your smartphone, tablet or smart TV with
the HAMMER app.

Discover your power
The workouts specifically designed for our power stations offer instruction for beginners & performers.

Yoga & Stretching
Regenerative classes like Yoga & Stretching provide variety and improve your mobility and recovery.

Endurance diversity
Choose from 6 different endurance categories alone – whether Rowing Machine, Treadmill or Crosstrainer.

Always something new
New workouts with rousing music are constantly being added, providing new training stimuli.

Your trainer is there for you 24/7.

Let our experienced trainers inspire and motivate you. Our friendly team of trainers consists of experienced personal trainers, physiotherapists and even sports doctors.

HAMMER Workouts Trainer Patrick HAMMER Workouts Trainer Patrick Patrick Sports & Healts Coach
HAMMER Workouts Trainer Katja HAMMER Workouts Trainer Katja Katja Jumping Fitness Instructor
HAMMER Workouts Trainer Moritz HAMMER Workouts Trainer Moritz Moritz Doctor & Personal Trainer
HAMMER Workouts Trainer Jess HAMMER Workouts Trainer Jess Jess Yoga Teacher
HAMMER Workouts Trainer Christian HAMMER Workouts Trainer Christian Christian Rowing Expert & Personal Trainer
HAMMER Workouts Trainer Valentina HAMMER Workouts Trainer Valentina Valentina M. Sc. Clinical Sports Therapy & Sports Physiology
HAMMER Workouts Trainer Alex HAMMER Workouts Trainer Alex Alex M. Sc. Clinical Sports Therapy & Sports Physiology
HAMMER Workouts Trainer Tina HAMMER Workouts Trainer Tina Tina Olympic Champion
HAMMER Workouts Trainer Claudius HAMMER Workouts Trainer Claudius Claudius Triathlon World Champion
HAMMER Workouts Trainer Sibel HAMMER Workouts Trainer Sibel Sibel Jumping Fitness Instructor
HAMMER Workouts Trainer Chris HAMMER Workouts Trainer Chris Chris Physiotherapist & Running Coach
HAMMER Workouts Trainer Sabine HAMMER Workouts Trainer Sabine Sabine Group Fitness Instructor
HAMMER Workouts Trainer Kathi HAMMER Workouts Trainer Kathi Kathi Sports & Gymnastic Coach
HAMMER Workouts Trainer Thess HAMMER Workouts Trainer Thess Thess Personal Fitness & Nutrition Coach
HAMMER Workouts Trainer David HAMMER Workouts Trainer David Dee Fitness Influencer & Former Professional Basketball Player
HAMMER Workouts Trainer Lena HAMMER Workouts Trainer Lena Lena State Certified Gymnastic Teacher


What enthusiastic users say about the HAMMER app.

"Great workouts" The training videos are amazing. They are explained in detail and you can train with super motivated coaches. In addition, the app is clearly structured.
"Workouts that inspire" Finally, home workouts that really motivate you. And there are many options to filter according to your needs! Great product and all for free - thanks!
"Great app, training is fun." Variety of exercises and training classes that are easy to follow. What else could you ask for? There are workouts for all kind of equipments. And if it´s not challenging enough, you can try a heavier workout. Overall, very clear design, so 5 out of 5 stars!
"Very nice app!" I am absolutely satisfied! Can be incorporated very well into my training with the Speedbike and the Bio Force. Thereby I have discovered many more workout possibilities :)
Julian Kayser
"Must have!" Great app! You really see how much energy the Hammer team put into the workouts and the structure. No matter what training goal you have or for which device you need new inspiration, you will find it here. I have already recommended the app to a few of my personal training clients who are also thrilled! Looking forward to more workouts! Thanks a lot :)
Franzi Hermine
"That's what I was looking for!!" After having a Hammer equipment for a while, I came across the Workout App. Since then, I've done a few workouts with different trainers. The videos are really great! I would like to see a few more functionalities. But it's clear that this first app version can't cover everything yet. I am very excited and look forward to future updates!
"Awesome App!" This is what makes training fun. Really good workouts and the app is easy to use.

Get the App.

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In our FAQs you will find answers to all frequently asked questions about the HAMMER app.

  • Is the app free of charge?

    Yes, the app is a 100% free and ad-free offer.

  • Can I train with any fitness equipment?

    Yes, Hammer Workouts offers hundreds of workouts in over 15 equipment categories, so you’re sure to find the workout that’s right for you!

  • Can I also train with the app without fitness equipment?

    Yes, you don’t need fitness equipment to train in the Bodyweigth, Stretching and Yoga categories.

  • Can I connect my fitness device to the app via Bluetooth?

    No, a direct connection between the app and the fitness device is not yet possible in this first app version.

  • Do I have to register to use the app?

    No, registration is not necessary. Download the app and get started straight away!

  • Can I also watch the workouts on the computer?

    Yes, the app can also be used via the web with limited functionality.

  • In which languages is the app available?

    The app is available in German and English.

  • Can I also stream the workout videos on my Smart TV?

    Yes, all workouts can also be easily streamed to your Smart TV by visiting the website on your Smart TV.

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