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What are small fitness devices?

Small fitness equipment is the perfect equipment for your workout at home or in the fresh air. The small hand-held devices are mostly known from typical fitness studio courses such as aerobics or abdominal-leg butt. The often very light fitness machines are easy to use and therefore suitable for everyone. Nowadays, they are often associated with the term "functional training". Exercises in functional training train several muscle groups at the same time.

Fitness bands & tubes

Fitness bands and tubes are ideal for training that is easy on the joints. With them you can effectively train your entire body anytime and anywhere. The elastic bands can be easily rolled up and are particularly easy to clean. The material is tear-resistant, extremely stretchy and skin-friendly.

You can train with gymnastic bands:

  • Biceps
  • Shoulder
  • Leg muscles
  • Chest muscles
  • Back muscles

Buy fitness bands: Our fitness bands and fitness tubes are each available in three colours and strengths. This ensures that everyone finds the right training level for their workout. Beginners start with a more elastic band, advanced users choose the stronger one.

Our tubes are equipped with two handles each. This allows for an absolutely secure grip. The elasticity of the tubes is slightly lower than that of the fitness bands and the basic resistance is therefore somewhat higher. The fitness bands can be wrapped around the hands to increase the resistance.

Gym balls

The exercise ball is versatile. As a sitting ball, as most people know it, in prevention and especially in fitness training. Sitting on the exercise ball promotes an upright posture and trains balance in everyday life. It has already replaced the office chair in many offices. In the fitness room, it enables extensive balance, strength and coordination training.

Training with the exercise ball primarily strengthens the smallest muscles in the body that keep us stable and upright. Even when sitting, the little helpers have to fight against the new unevenness. If you lift one leg or close your eyes, for example, this is a highly effective workout.

Buy the right exercise ball: The right size of ball depends on your height. Our yellow exercise ball is particularly suitable for people up to 155 cm tall. People between 155cm and 175cm should choose our grey ball and people over 175cm should choose our black ball. All our exercise balls are made of high-quality PVC and are available in anti-burst quality up to a maximum load of 120kg.


Our HAMMER Balance Pad is a 46 x 38 x 5.5 cm foam mat and serves to strengthen coordination and concentration. Balance and coordination can be trained effectively and comfortably on the super-soft foam.

Balance training places a lot of strain on the deep muscles. These muscles are important for keeping the body in a stable position. These include, for example, all the muscles that fix joints in their position. As soon as the surface becomes more wobbly, for example because of the balance pad, these muscles have to work.

Balance is a dynamic process that takes place in everything we do. Whether in everyday life at work, when walking or exercising - the body always has to find its balance again. So the better this is, the easier everyday life is.

Fascia rollers

With a fascia roller you can:

  • promote blood circulation in your muscles
  • release tension
  • Massage your muscle structures
  • Mobilise your connective tissue structures

By moving your body over the roller, the adhesions of the fasciae are loosened. Even simple exercises are enough to make you feel much better after training. You demonstrably become more flexible, the muscles more relaxed. Blood circulation is increased and posture is significantly improved.

Push-up grips

Push-up grips - can be placed at any width and train different muscle fibres in the chest and shoulders. Chest, shoulders and arms are addressed intensively and in a varied way, and intermuscular coordination is also strengthened. Our HAMMER push-up grips can be freely rotated 360° and allow countless grip positions.

Core Wheels

Core Wheels - make classic push-ups much more challenging and at the same time much more effective. Shoulders and arms have to stay in position during the exercise, which leads to a more effective workout that puts more strain on the muscles.

Weight cuffs

Weight cuffs - are perfect for intensifying endurance training. They can be easily attached to the wrists or ankles with a velcro fastener and can be used for any endurance training.

Hand muscle trainer

Hand muscle trainers - strengthen your hand and forearm muscles and at the same time provide more grip strength during pulling exercises. Hand trainers are also ideal for effective muscle building in rehabilitation and sports therapy. Our HAMMER hand muscle trainer has a particularly non-slip grip and the training resistance can be adjusted from 10-40 kg.

Gymnastics mat

A gymnastics mat can be used in many different ways. Beginners start with basic exercises like crunches, advanced users start directly with more complex exercises. And the best thing about it? Everyone can increase their individual training level at their own pace. Whether more repetitions or a more complex exercise, there are many ways to increase the difficulty level.

Buy a sports mat: Our Alaya yoga mat is made of environmentally friendly material and is therefore skin-friendly, suitable for allergy sufferers and recyclable. Thanks to its comfortable thickness (approx. 1.5 cm) and particularly dense cell structure, our HAMMER sports mat is excellently suited for physiotherapeutic exercises. It provides a gentle cushion and reliably protects joints from hard floors.

Abdominal muscle trainer

Our abdominal trainer is one of the more advanced training devices. However, it can also be varied very well. Beginners put their knees up and roll forward as far as they can with the ab trainer. Advanced users may roll a little lower or even lift their knees. If this is not enough, the repetitions are increased or the exercise is held for a while

For whom is training with small fitness equipment suitable?

Whether beginner or professional, young or old - there is the right fitness equipment for every training goal. Both the experienced athlete and the absolute beginner can find the right exercise for them with the same fitness equipment.

The important thing is to stretch properly before and after your workout. Stretching helps you to prepare your muscles for the upcoming stress. Here you should stretch briefly and dynamically.

What can training with small fitness devices achieve?

  • Works several muscles at the same time
  • Trains coordination and balance
  • Combines strength and endurance

Basically, training with fitness accessories and small equipment differs from mechanical fitness equipment in one thing: it always works several muscles at the same time. Training on machine equipment supports the body so that the desired muscle can be trained in isolation.

Free exercises always require the interaction of several muscles. The push-up exercise, for example, does not only train the chest muscle. Abdominal, shoulder and even leg muscles help keep the body stable. This trains above all the sensorimotor skills, i.e. coordination and balance. Due to the interaction of several muscle groups, 30 - 60 minutes of training are enough to burn a lot of calories.

The workout with small fitness machines combines strength and endurance and also strengthens the joints. This is because most of the exercises are multi-joint. This means that not only the knee joint but also, for example, the foot and hip joints have to work during an exercise. If you now maintain the chosen intensity of the exercise over a certain period of time, both strength and endurance improve.

Our local fitness experts are also happy to help you find the right equipment

Our service team consists of state-certified fitness trainers and experienced product consultants. We at HAMMER live fitness and know what we are talking about. Fitness, training and nutrition - we know our stuff and are happy to take time for you.

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