SCS Smith Cage System

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  • 2 in 1: guided + free training
  • Stake for Olympic weight plates
  • Integrated rack system for free barbell training
  • 2 height-adjustable and swiveling cables
  • Including incline bench with leg and curl module

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INSPIRE EN - SCS 3643 - 01

The power station for the highest demands

This top-class power station leaves nothing to be desired.
With the Smith Cage System you can bring premium fitness into your home. Thanks to the various adjustment options and numerous exercises typical for studios, you will experience a real gym feeling and achieve your fitness goals.
The SCS convinces with the combination of free barbell training with guided exercises on the multi-press and highly effective cable pulley training. This variety ensures variety in training, optimal muscle building and is absolutely unique in the home training sector.


Free Rack Training

Benefit from a fully-fledged rack system which, in combination with a barbell bar, allows you a completely free workout, safety bars included.

Product Highlights

Convince yourself of all the features of the INSPIRE SCS!

Pull-up barPull-up bar

Different pull-up variations

The SCS offers you two possibilities to perform pull-ups on your strength station. There is a separate and an integrated pull-up bar on the power station.

Discover your favourite workout

With HAMMER Workouts, we constantly offer you new and motivating courses with your SCS. Work out together with our competent trainers and achieve your individual fitness goals in 10 to 50-minute workouts. No matter whether you use a smartphone, tablet or laptop, no additional subscription is required.

Apple StoreApple Store
Google PlayGoogle Play
HAMMER WorkoutsHAMMER Workouts
Olympic weight platesOlympic weight plates

Olympic weight plates

The multi-press convinces with linear ball bearings and can also be equipped with up to 200 kg of weight plates. Olympic weight plates have a diameter of 50 mm. Ideally, these can also be used on the leg module and thus offer the perfect resistance during your workout.

Cable training for free exercise design

The Smith Cage System's 6 cable pull points offer unlimited freedom for your workout. The two outer cable pulls can be swivelled 180° and their height can be adjusted 23 times, giving you a particularly wide range of exercises.

Cable pullyCable pully
Free or guidedFree or guided

Free or guided - you decide

With the INSPIRE Smith Cage System, the choice is yours. Perform the most effective strength exercises in the world freely with the barbell bar or use the guide of the multi-press.

A defined back

For optimal back muscle development and a healthy spine, a variety of exercises and angles are ideal. Use pull-ups in different grip variations, as well as reverse flys, the lat pull-down, barbell rowing, the multi-press and cable pulleys.

Pull-up barPull-up bar
Weight BlockWeight Block

From beginner to professional

Due to the easy handling and the high resistances, training with the Smith Cage System is optimally suited for all performance levels. The intensity of the smooth-running cable pulls can be easily adjusted in 5 kg increments and offers every user the ideal resistance for all training exercises. With the weight extension, 2x 90 kg total resistance can be realised, while the barbell bar carries a proud 200 kg of weight plates.

Expertise of our trainers

"The SCS is characterised by extreme training versatility, combining guided and free training.
The rack system allows exercises such as squats with a barbell bar and can be secured with safety bars. Additionally, the strength station offers cable pulley training and includes a multi-press for guided and safe workouts."

Coach PatrickCoach Patrick
INSPIRE EN - SCS 3643 - 02

What our customers say

I have been looking for a machine like this for a long time. I wanted to have a fully professional machine at home. With the SCS I can do all the exercises professionally.
The machine is simply amazing, you really have everything in one and it's super easy to set up.

And now for the "Smith Cage System", what can I say, this is studio quality for the home! I am completely thrilled. You can feel the quality with every pull on the cable!
Übung 1

Biceps curls on the curl desk

Übung 2

Negative rowing with incline bench

Übung 2

Leg curl training with leg module

Übung 4

Leg extension training with leg module

Übung 5

Leg raises with footstrap

Übung 6


Übung 7

Cable Crossovers for the back muscles

Übung 8

Cable crossovers for the chest muscles

Übung 9

Squat on the multi-press

Übung 10

Deadlift on the multi-press

Incline benchIncline bench

High quality incline bench included

With the included incline bench for the SCS, your training becomes even more versatile. Whether you want to do cable crossovers while lying down or use the leg extension and flexor modules included. The back and seat pads can be adjusted quickly and easily and are of high quality.


Strong neck and defined shoulders

Side raises on the cable pulley are an excellent way to strengthen and stabilise your neck and shoulder area.


Targeted training for your chest muscles

With the two independent pulley slides on the cable pulley towers, you can train your chest muscles, especially with the butterfly exercise your chest muscles with the butterfly exercise. You can quickly change the training angle to train even more effectively and to and to set new muscle stimuli.


Training your upper arms

The adjustable pulley slides are perfect for your triceps and biceps training. With the curl bar or the handles on the pull ropes, you can set different training angles and stimuli.


For your perfect posture

The strength station offers you a pull-up bar with which you can perform perfect pull-ups and other bodyweight exercises pull-ups and perform other bodyweight exercises.


Optimal training of the abdominal muscles

With the help of the cable pulley you can easily perform lateral rotation movements to activate your abdominal muscles. By doing crunches while kneeling in front of the cable pulley, you primarily train the inner muscles of your abdomen.


Stable and strong

By doing squats on the multi-press or free squats on the power rack, you can adapt your workout to your needs and get a perfect leg workout.

Full leg workoutFull leg workout

Full leg workout

For a full leg workout, the training bench offers an integrated leg extension and leg curl module, which is connected to the cable pulls via a pulley.
By using the multi-press, squats and deadlifts can easily be performed at home. With the practical foot strap, you can also train your gluteal muscles in isolation with exercises such as hip extensions or adduction and abduction on the cable pull.


SKU 3643
Manufacturer INSPIRE by HAMMER
Color black
Material Steel
Gewicht 463 kg

Training possibilities

Bench press Yes
Butterfly Yes
Neck press Yes
Back pull Yes
Rowing Yes
Lat pull Yes
Biceps curl Yes
Triceps Yes
Eversed leg raises Yes
Leg curl sitting Yes
Leg raise Yes
Belly Yes
Leg press No
Triceps rope No

Dimensions and weight

Build up size (L x W x H) 153 x 190 x 206 cm
Ceiling height 215 cm
Weight block 2x 75 kg
Max. resistance 150 kg
Additional weights inclusive No
Upgradable with additional weights 10 x 4,5 kg
Max. body weight 120 kg
Maximum of usable weight 200 kg
Maximum load 250 kg


Delivery time 4-8 working days
Delivery Information Delivery to curbside (Please leave your phone number when ordering, so we can arrange a suitable delivery date for you)
Private use
on the product 3 years
on the main frame 10 years
Semi-professional use
on the product 1 year on
on the main frame 5 years

* Semi-professional use: For use in hotels, sports clubs, etc. - not in fitness studios

Summary of all possible strength exercises with the SCS Smith Cage System

You can find out how to do the exercises correctly and exactly which muscle groups are trained by clicking on the respective exercise.

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