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Are you passionate about rowing on the water and don't want to give up your beloved workout on the water even in bad weather conditions? Then a water rowing machine is just the thing for you. In contrast to cable rowing machines with air resistance or rowing machines with magnetic braking systems, rowing machines with water resistance provide an authentic training experience just like on the water.

What is the difference between a water rower and other rowing machines?

A water rower is characterised by a built-in water canister. This contains a paddle that creates resistance when rowing. The faster you perform the rowing movement, the stronger the resistance in the water canister becomes. The strength of the resistance as well as the sounds of the water in motion perfectly simulate rowing training on the water and guarantee a smooth and fluid rowing experience at home.

Enjoy an authentic motion sequence with a water rowing machine and let the splashing and rushing of the water take you to your favourite stretches in the nearest river or lake. Even in the cold winter months, you can train without restrictions with a rowing machine from home - at any time and as often as you like.

What are the benefits of exercising with a water rower?

A water rower is the perfect piece of fitness equipment for an effective whole-body workout. With a water rower, you train endurance and strength in equal measure and use about 80 % of the entire musculature of your body. In addition, rowing is a workout that is particularly easy on the joints and is therefore a healthy option for fitness training, even for older people or those with pain. Rowing puts less strain on the joints than jogging. Another advantage of rowing is that the workout is more efficient than a workout on another piece of endurance equipment. If you suffer from health problems or impairments, be sure to consult your doctor before training with a rowing machine.

How do I train with a water rower?

The seat in a rowing boat is movable. This so-called rolling seat moves dynamically with the execution of the rowing strokes. This uses one of the strongest muscles in the leg: the quadriceps. A rowing machine with water resistance also ensures realistic movements, just like on the water. The rowing motion sequence is the same for all models. A water rower only differs from other rowing machines in the resistance / braking system (water resistance instead of air or instead of hydraulic or magnetic braking system).

The starting position on the water rower

You start your rowing training on the water rower in the starting position. Sit on the seat of your rower and bend your hips, knees and ankles and lean your upper body forward. Keeping your lower legs vertical, extend your arms forward and hold the handle of the rower.

The movement phase on the water rower

Now the movement phase on the rowing machine can begin. The so-called pull-through starts with stretching the legs. While still pushing backwards with full force from your legs, move your shoulders and the entire upper body towards the supine position. Bend your arms as soon as they are at the level of your knees.

The final position on the water rower

After the movement phase comes the final position. In the supine position, extend both legs without pushing the knees completely through. Then stabilise your upper body in a slightly supine position and pull the handles of the rowing machine up to your lower ribcage. Bring your elbows close to your body. The pull-through phase ends and you again extend your arms forward to the level of your knees. From the supine position your body will follow this movement automatically and will have internalised it after a few moves. The pre-roll with the seat of the rower starts as soon as your upper body is upright.

To check that your posture and the execution of the movement on the water rower are correct, you can place a mirror to the side so that you can see yourself and the rower. Correct execution is essential and should be checked by an experienced trainer. This is the only way to ensure that you do not injure yourself or suffer any health problems from rowing training or an incorrect rowing movement.

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How do I adjust the water resistance of the water rower?

The 4-way adjustable water resistance system of the Aquon Waterflow water rower allows the individual fitness level to be precisely adjusted with a rotary knob on the water tank. This way, the water resistance can be increased or decreased according to the individual training level. With other water rowing machines such as the rowing machine, the water resistance adjusts to the strength of the pull. The faster the rowing stroke, the stronger the resistance during rowing.

Which muscles are trained with the water rower?

A water rower generally only differs from a rower without water in the resistance system. The movement sequence when rowing with water is identical to the movement sequence when rowing on a rowing machine without water. Therefore, when training on the water rower, the same muscles are trained as when training on the rower without water. Rowing trains all the essential main muscle groups in your body and promotes blood circulation for a strengthened cardiovascular system. You primarily use the strength from your leg and back muscles for the movement sequence, but the following muscle groups also benefit from training with the water rower:

  • abdominal muscles
  • arm and shoulder muscles
  • gluteal muscles
  • neck and trapezius muscles

The rowing machine's rolling seat works almost all of your leg muscles. By training the whole body with the water rower, you also benefit from a better posture and higher performance. When rowing on a rowing machine with water, you train important components such as concentration, coordination, balance, stability, endurance and strength. A rowing machine with water promotes your holistic health. Not only do you work your muscles, but you also improve your stamina, mind and soul. The dynamics behind every single rowing stroke and the correct sequence of movements in rowing also boost fat burning.

Man trains on water rowing machine and shows which muscles are trained.Man trains on water rowing machine and shows which muscles are trained.

Is rowing with the water rower good for my health?

Moderate circulatory training with a water rowing machine can have a positive effect on people with diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and cardiac arrhythmia. Doctors now confirm that the combination of endurance and weight training sustainably improves the performance of their affected patients. For prevention and rehabilitation, the round movement sequence of rowing is ideal. Stepless water resistance adjustment and a gentle pull force have a health-promoting effect, while a steady pace prevents sudden stress peaks. Of course, before purchasing and using a water rowing machine, those affected should discuss it with their family doctor and determine the right level for such sporting activities.

What is important when choosing a water rower?

If you want to buy a water rowing machine, you have a choice of different rowing machines. Beginners as well as advanced and competitive athletes will find what they are looking for at HAMMER. The following factors will help you when buying your water rower:

  • Size and practicality
  • Distance of the pedals / kick plates
  • Type of brake / resistance system
  • Training computer

The size and practicality of a rower are especially important if you have limited space for fitness equipment in your own home. Water rowers such as the are equipped with two transport wheels on the front frame so that the rowing machine can be easily rolled away after each workout and tilted into a vertical, space-saving position.

If you are looking for training ergonomics and a realistic approach to rowing on the water, the distance between the footplates can be decisive. Professional rowers also attach importance to a comparatively small distance between the pedals during dry land exercises in order to get an authentic rowing experience when preparing for the next season.

A rowing machine with outrigger has a hydraulic cylinder that continuously regulates the setting of the resistance. In turn, cable-operated rowing machines have resistance and braking systems using magnets, air or water. There is no noise when rowing with a magnetic braking system. In a rowing machine with air resistance, the air in the turbine is sucked in when you pull. The more air in the turbine in the rower, the more resistance. In a water rower, there is a paddle in the water canister that provides the resistance. The training effect is the same with added water sounds to give the irreplaceable feeling of rowing on water.

With a training computer on the water rower, you have maximum control over your performance, your total rowing workout, your calories burned per hour, total training time, your heart rate and distance covered. You should keep an eye on your heart rate especially if you are using the total body training with the water rower for weight loss.

The right accessories for your water rower

The right accessories support you when training with the rowing machine and you can make it more varied. You can also easily maintain your water rower from home. After each workout, wipe the seat and the training computer with a damp cloth to remove sweat from the rowing machine. Regularly check your pull unit and the seat rollers of the rowing machine to prevent signs of wear. Fill the tank with water or empty it via the opening on the water tank. The supplied siphon makes it easier to fill and empty the water tank.

Chlorine tablets

Put a chlorine tablet in the water tank of your water rower once a year and the tank will be cleared of deposits, limescale and residues from the water.

Floor protection mat

Put a floor protection mat under your rowing machine and you will optimally protect your floor. It also dampens noise.

Chest strap heart rate monitor

Connect a chest strap heart rate monitor to your water rower and you will always be able to see your heart rate and pulse on the rower's training computer. In this way, you can ensure a pulse-oriented whole-body workout at all times.

Tablet holder

Train live stretches on your tablet to experience the rowing feeling on the water rower at home in a completely new way. A tablet holder can be attached to water rowing machines so that you can enter the virtual training world with the rowing machine on your tablet.

Test and buy a water rower live on site

If you want to buy a water rowing machine and find out about different models in advance, you can visit us at one of our HAMMER partners. Discover our range of equipment and test a water rower. Convince yourself that a rowing machine is genuine and have the desired model conveniently delivered to your home.

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