Aquon Water Glide

Rowing Machine
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  • Authentic rowing experience with water resistance for training at home
  • Premium-quality model with robust steel frame and a load capacity of up to 150 kg
  • Joint-friendly, fully guided rowing motion
  • Super practical! Space-saving tilt function
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Finnlo Aquon Water GlideFinnlo Aquon Water Glide

FINNLO Aquon Water Glide

Robust, high-quality, and with a load capacity up to 150 kg – a top-class water resistance rowing machine

Finnlo Aquon Water Glide - FeaturesFinnlo Aquon Water Glide - Features
Comfort seatComfort seat
Transportation rollers Transportation rollers

Use the power of water for your full-body workout!

The Aquon Water Glide rowing machine for your workout at home!

Do you love being on the water and are looking for a high-end rowing machine that lets you train with as much realism as possible? Look no further. The FINNLO Aquon Water Glide rowing machine is made for perfect rowing workouts at home. You will be really impressed with the robust frame, which is designed to support up to 150 kg. The machine also comes with robust ball bearings on premium-quality rowing gliders that guarantee a smoother and more dynamic motion sequence.

Get into perfect shape with the new Aquon Water Glide, which lets you train with water resistance. Get started with a full-body workout that feels as realistic as if you were actually rowing on water. You'll really work up a sweat while using the power of water to make you stronger! This workout also counteracts serious health risks, like lack of exercise and excess weight. You don't need a membership in a rowing club, because you can row whenever you like, right there in your own four walls!

Hammer Workouts Mock-upHammer Workouts Mock-up

Discover your favorite workout

With HAMMER Workouts we constantly offer you new and motivating courses with your rower. Work out together with our competent trainers and achieve your individual fitness goals in 10 to 50 minute workouts. All in one place and without an additional subscription.

A full-body workout that engages all the main muscle groups in your body!

Improves your coordination and relieves stress!

All the main muscle groups in your body get an effective workout on the FINNLO Aquon Water Glide rowing machine, as you experience the authentic feeling of water resistance with every stroke. The rowing motion is very joint-friendly and even, without putting strain on your spine. The low joint strain and the soothing effect of the water will have you in a feel-good zone in no time. The water resistance adapts to the strength of your rowing stroke – it feels as if you were training on an actual lake. Increasing the intensity and strength of your stroke will proportionally increase the water resistance. There is no need for any manual adjustments on the on-board training computer, as you alone dictate the water resistance with your rowing stroke.

The sound of rushing water creates a realistic training ambiance and will make you feel as if you were sitting in an actual boat. Your rowing stroke will set the water in the tank in motion and you will feel the resistance immediately. The soothing background sound of the water will help to fully immerse yourself in the moment and allow you to fully concentrate on your workout. The stresses of everyday life fade away and you will look forward to each new rowing session at home!


Easy-to-read LCD display on the on-board training computer with wattage indicator

The training computer is super easy to use!

The LCD display of the on-board training computer of your FINNLO Aquon Water Glide offers all your key data at a glance while you row. It shows information like the time you have been training for, your average time for 500 m, the distance you have travelled, calories burned, heart rate, rowing strokes per minute, wattage per stroke and the total number of strokes during your current training session. There are three programs to choose from for your individual workout:

MANUAL – immediate start: All functions simply start counting from zero or display your current values.

INTERVAL – for time settings only: You can choose between preset or custom exercise/rest intervals. You can also save these values.

TARGET – multiple functions: Lets you set targets for rowing strokes, heart rate, calories, distance or time.

The on-board training computer is battery-operated, while the menu intuitive and the three buttons make it easy to operate for users of any age. The on-board training computer comes with an autostart function, which means it will start up as soon as you start rowing. Concentrate fully on your rowing workout!

heartrate measurementheartrate measurement

Heart rate is the key!

The on-board training computer can display your heart rate with optional accessory

Heart rate-oriented workouts will help you reach your training goals faster: such as endurance training, cardiovascular training or weight loss. Your heart rate is the key! Use an optional chest belt and the matching receiver (article number: 6811) to measure your heart rate. That way, you can keep a close eye on your personal heart rate at all times. A heart rate receiver can be added to the on-board training computer, which allows the wireless transmission of data from a chest belt (5.0 – 5.5 kHz). There is an audible warning signal if the workout heart rate surpasses the set limit value. Heart-rate-oriented training will optimally get you closer to your fitness goals with each rowing stroke.

Explore the world from home: Virtual rowing with Kinomap

Experience a whole new rowing experience with the live track videos from Kinomap. You can get your virtual avatar going and turn your training into a motivating, interactive event. With the Kinomap fitness app (with camera function), you can choose from different and exciting rowing tours that will inspire you. Train all over the world and dive into the virtual training world of Kinomap with every row. You can train with the Kinomap videos using your front camera on your smartphone/tablet. This measures your stroke frequency and thus offers you a realistic live course experience. The driving speed automatically adjusts to your current train frequency in real time. To enjoy Kinomap perfectly, we recommend downloading the app directly to your tablet and using the tablet holder (item no. 6816) available in the HAMMER webshop.

Water resistanceWater resistance

A rowing workout with authentic water resistance!

Reach your training goals faster with the soothing effects of water!

You dictate the intensity of your workout with every stroke. A fill-level decal on the water tank of the FINNLO Aquon Water Glide shows the max. fill level. Use the siphon provided to fill the tank with water via the opening in the water tank to increase resistance or release some water to reduce resistance.

Adustable footplatesAdustable footplates

Individually adjustable to the size of your foot

Footplates similar to those of a rowing boat

The adjustable footplates are positioned at a hip-friendly distance and allow you to adapt your rowing machine to your particular body requirements and your foot length or shoe size. Other fitness enthusiasts in your household can similarly adjust the foot length on the rowing machine via the sliding part of the footplate and the arrester knobs with ease. Each footplate comes equipped with a foot strap that can be tightened around your foot to keep your foot securely in place while you row.

Space savingSpace saving

The space-saving highlight of your FINNLO Aquon Water Glide really comes to the fore after you finish your workout!

Other innovative features

The compact setup dimensions of only 2.12 x 0.52 m make the FINNLO Aquon Water Glide extra space-saving, but also a great fit for users with a body height up to 2.0 m. The two high-quality integrated transportation rollers make moving the rowing machine out of the way after use extra easy. Simply lift the machine at the end of the frame, reposition it and tilt it up into a vertical position in seconds. Now it will fit in any corner of your room. The four-point ground contact of the frame keeps the FINNLO Aquon Water Glide stable and secure while you do your rowing workout. The on-board training computer is battery-powered and can therefore be placed anywhere without the need for a wall socket nearby or additional extension leads. Row all the way to your dream body from the comfort of your home!


SKU 3709
Manufacturer FINNLO
Color anthracite
Material Steel
Gewicht 40 kg


Watt controlled No
Display LCD-Display
Pulse Chest belt
Operation Keys
Integrated pulse receiver for chest belts Optional


Load profiles Calories, Distance, Heart rate, Time, Watt
Permanent display 5

Programs and profiles

Training programs 3
Heart rate controlled programmes 1
Adjustable pulse limit Upper pulse limit
User 1

Drive/brake system

Drive system Belt drive
Load control RPM dependent
Braking system Water resistance
Resistance adjustment Water level dependent

Dimensions and weight

Build up size (L x W x H) 212 x 52 x 57 cm
Foldable Yes
Folding dimension (L x W x H) 57 x 52 x 212 cm
Max. body weight 150 kg

Other features

Transportation rollers Yes
Footplate distance 11 cm
Seat height 27 cm
Rail length 111 cm
Power supply Battery
DIN Norm DIN EN ISO 20957-1/7


Delivery time 4-8 working days
Delivery Information Delivery to curbside (Please leave your phone number when ordering, so we can arrange a suitable delivery date for you)
Private use
on the product 3 years
on the main frame 10 years
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