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  • Your 3 in 1 power set! Pull-up bars + pull aids + folding push-up grips
  • Unique pull-up set for your V-shape look
  • Suitable for all pull-up variations
  • Perfect add-on: Pull aids for chin-ups without limits and for your six-pack training
  • Folding push-up grips
Estimated delivery: 29.03.2023 - 01.04.2023
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Power pull-up set for your deadweight training

Deadweight bootcamp drill

Hold it, focus, let fly! This all-in-one pull-up set lets you get to work with powerful pull-ups, leg raises, chin-ups and many other gruelling bootcamp exercises. Push yourself to your limits until the muscles in your upper body are on fire. Pull-ups and push-ups are essential for the most brutal bootcamp workouts that will give you that perfect V-shaped upper body. Do your pull-ups with a variety of grip variations from a hanging position. Pull your chin up above the bar and go back down slowly. The pull aids push you past your limits! How tough are you really? Use the push-up grips for a hero's chest workout and prevent strain on your wrists. Push up from way down all the way up until your arms are fully stretched to show what you're made of. Don’t stop when you’re tired – stop when you’re done!

Pull-Up 2.0 will make you a bootcamp veteran.

Conquer the king’s class of deadweight training: your shoulders, biceps, lower arms and six-pack will turn to steel with the very best bootcamp drills like burpees, chin-ups, toes-to-bar, muscle-ups and many other. These workouts separate the men from the boys! With Pull-Up 2.0 you will be unstoppable. Are you ready for the workout of your life?

Unshakeable design

Full steam ahead with your own bodyweight and the HAMMER Pull-Up 2.0! You'll have your very own Pull-Up 2.0 assembled at home in minutes and can get started with your training right away. Premium steel and industrial-grade double linkage will keep everything safe and secure on the wall. That means that you can put up to 150 kg on your bootcamp tools with ease. (Bore diameter 10.5 mm, bolts and wall anchors are not included in the scope of delivery)

Your upper body performance set

Pull-ups are among the most important exercises for a powerful upper body, as well as a broad and healthy back. You will experience all these benefits in your own four walls with Pull-Up 2.0. The following muscles are challenged during pull-up training: Upper back, rear shoulder, lats, biceps, lower arm and core.

Training without limits

The various grip positions on the bar open up a great range of exercise variations. You can make your weight training more interesting and control the results precisely! The HAMMER Pull-Up 2.0 allows the following exercises: Chin-ups with a narrow underhand grip, chin-ups with a wider underhand grip, chin-ups with a narrow overhand grip, chin-ups with a wider overhand grip, chin-ups with a hammer grip.

The focus of your workout changes with every grip position to emphasise different muscle group. While pull-ups with an overhand grip mostly define your back, a chin-up workout with underhand grip or hammer grip will grow your biceps. Combine multiple variations in your training set to make the most of Pull-Up 2.0 and your own potential.

Perfect add-on: Pull aids for limitless workouts

Utilise the metal pull aids with hook & loop nylon wristband for even better grip to relieve strain on your lower arms. The lifting straps feature a rubberised reinforcement on the steel hook and can be individually adjusted via the hook & loop tab.

Reaching your limits in the lower arms will never limit your training again, e.g. when your grip power fades but you still have power reserves in your back.

The pull aids can also be helpful in a variety of other exercises that need lots of grip strength. You might try hanging leg raises on the bar to train your six-pack till it burns – but your lower arms don’t!

The pull aids can also be helpful for supplemental exercises with dumbbells or barbells.

Next level push-ups for your XXL upper body

The folding push-up grips will add more variety to your push-ups. Using the grips will relieve strain on your wrists and prevent the unnaturally kinked position of your wrists during push-ups on level ground. The ergonomic grips also keep your hands clean and away from the floor of your workout area. The rubberised underside of the push-up grips prevents your hands slipping while you exercise to ensure additional safety.

The elevated and natural grip position also increases your movement range, making your training more comfortable and more effective. Training with the push-up grips will guarantee maximised muscle building and will give you more strength and explosive power. Aside from a hero's chest, you will be working on broader shoulders, muscular triceps and a super powerful core! Workouts with push-up grips are therefore the best choice for building strength and stability in your whole body.

They are also great for dips and other deadweight exercises and push-up variations. There is no limit to what you can do!

Super practical: You can store the grips directly on the pull-up bar once you’re finished and they will always be right there when you need them!

More than just chin-ups – your deadweight bootcamp with optional accessories

The flexible combination of chin-ups, push-ups and many other exercises gives you options for highly intensive training sessions that work all the major muscle groups in your body, making the HAMMER Pull-Up 2.0 Set an absolute must-have for muscle building and enhanced performance!

If you want to get even more out of your workout sessions, you can expand your pull-up bar with optional accessories to create your very own CrossFit gym at home. You could add fitness tubes or six-pack loops to round off your upper body workout. The eyelet in the middle is great for attaching a punching bag, where you can really get to work!


SKU 5240
Manufacturer HAMMER
Color black/red
Material Iron
Gewicht 7.5 kg

Dimensions and weight

Build up size (L x W x H) 65 x 94 x 27 cm


Delivery time 3-6 working days
Delivery Information Delivery to the apartment door
Private use
on the product 2 years
on the main frame 5 years
Summary of all possible strength exercises with the PULL-UP 2.0

You can find out how to do the exercises correctly and exactly which muscle groups are trained by clicking on the respective exercise.

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