Ocean One

Rowing Machine
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  • Training with the power of water
  • Ingenious accessories as standard: Individually adjustable and detachable smartphone/tablet holder
  • Space-saving and practical setup features
  • Battery-operated, independent of wall sockets and extension leads

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Sports rowing with water resistance technology. Quiet and extremely effective.

Rowing workout with realistic water resistance

Get your body in shape with water power!

The weather is bleak and you can't go train outside?! From now on, you can train at home with realistic water resistance to get your muscles moving healthily. The sound of rushing water will get you right in the mood for training. Multimedia support for your rowing experience comes straight from your tablet or smartphone, which sits securely in the adjustable holder that comes with the Ocean One as standard. The Ergo seat of your Ocean One with its eight ball-bearing supported rollers glides silently and evenly along the aluminium rails. You sit in an athletic position on a comfortable, back-friendly seat. The ergonomically shaped padding on the seat means that extended workouts are not a problem at all. Feel the power of water with each stroke, bringing you closer to your fitness goals!

Healthy full-body workout

With smooth rowing movements

Rowing trains the legs and upper body simultaneously, which helps improve your fitness and endurance. Ocean One by HAMMER lets you experience plenty of variety in your workout sessions at home. Get ready for a highly effective workout that enhances your strength and endurance all in one. The comfortable seat moves silently and evenly along the aluminium rails while you row stroke by stroke towards your set fitness goal. Did you know: rowing is a great way to get rid of pent up stress after a heavy workday! The rush of the water also has a positive effect on your mood. The rowing strokes move the water, which has a calming, meditative and relaxing effect that helps you forget the stress of your day. The soothing sound of rushing water in your home will create a pleasant rhythm and peace you could otherwise only find rowing out in the middle of a lake.

Fitness test included!

Recovery pulse measurement with fitness grading

Fitness test included! Recovery pulse measurement with fitness grading Press the Recovery button on the on-board computer to measure your heart rate. The on-board training computer comes with an integrated pulse rate receiver. You can use an optional chest belt to display your heart rate while you row. The faster your heart rate drops back down, the fitter you are. The on-board computer of your Ocean One will display a fitness grade from 1 to 6. A good grade will motivate you to do even better and work even harder during your next rowing session.

On-board training computer with LCD display

All data perfectly displayed

The on-board training computer of the Ocean One rowing machine by HAMMER has plenty of training data for you to check on an intuitive LCD display. You can view your: workout time, 500 m time, number of rowing strokes/minute, training distance, total number of rowing strokes, calorie consumption, pulse rate and average value for time, calories and heart rate. The RACE function helps improve your motivation by choosing one of several 500 m times that set a speed goal for you. The on-board computer is height-adjustable and can be swivelled forward or back for the most comfortable position. All key training data that will help you improve your fitness with your rowing workout can therefore presented to you perfectly on your on-board computer.

Simple operation – everything at a glance!

The display of the Ocean One shows you all your key workout data at a glance. The computer menu is intuitive and the six buttons on the computer make operation easy for users of any age. You can start rowing right away!

Use your tablet to create the perfect rowing mood at home!

Plenty of choice with fitness apps

Do you want to change things up to stay motivated while you train? No problem! "Live Experience" routes make things a lot more exciting and you can listen to your favourite music or even watch a film while you work out. Use the camera function with the BitGym or Kinomap app for images of spectacular river and lake scenery from around the world with interactive data about your virtual speed and position, while you hear real-life sounds from the chosen environment during your rowing tour.

Detachable tablet or smartphone holder with 360° movement

Ingenious and practical

The tablet or smartphone holder can be adjusted vertically and horizontally. It can be easily detached from the rowing machine if you want to concentrate fully on your workout without any distractions. The holder can be adjusted horizontally and vertically, and can be swivelled 360°. This helps you to find the perfect viewing angle for your smartphone. The soft protective rubber of the tablet holder prevents damage to your smartphone/tablet while you row.

Keep an eye on your heart rate!

Healthy cardiovascular training

You should always keep an eye on your heart rate if you are pursuing a specific fitness goal: for example endurance training, cardiovascular training or weight loss. Your heart rate is the key! Measuring your heart rate via the optional chest belt lets you keep your heart rate under control to achieve your personal fitness goal faster. The "Target Plus" fitness program sets a training heart rate of 90–200 beats per minute. A signal tone will sound if your current heart rate rises above the set limit. You can feel perfectly safe and concentrate fully on your workout goals!

Resistance adjustment via the water level in the tank

Suitable for beginners and advanced users

Adjust your rowing resistance via the water level in the tank of your Ocean One. Simply add water to the tank if you want to increase resistance. Release water from the tank to lower resistance. A scale on the water tank helps regulate the water level and lets you set the perfect resistance for your needs.

Adjustable footplates at a hip-friendly distance

Adapt to the length of your feet

The adjustable footplates allow you to adapt your rowing machine to your particular body requirements and your foot length or shoe size. Other users in your household can similarly adjust the foot length on the rowing machine via the sliding part of the footplate and the arrester knobs. Each footplate comes equipped with a hook-and-loop fastening to keep your feet securely in place while you row. The footplates are arranged at a hip-friendly distance to prevent hip strain, no matter how long you train.

Other smart features

Compact and space-saving design

The compact dimensions of only 2.0 x 0.54 x 1.17 m (0.90 m without the holder) make the Ocean One a great fit for fitness fans with a body height up to 2.0 m. The two high-quality integrated transportation rollers make moving the rowing machine out of the way after use extra easy. Ocean One can be stored in an upright position, which makes it a great space-saver. The centre of gravity of the machine is its water tank, which makes lifting it upright very easy. Simply tilt it upright and move it to a corner of the room. In its upright position, it is 1.10 m long (0.68 m without the holder) by 0.54 m wide and 2.0 m tall, which makes it super compact. The ingenious levelling feet on the machine help with setting it up perfectly level on an uneven surface. Ocean One comes with batteries for the on-board training computer, which makes it independent of an external power source. Forget about having to place the machine near a wall socket or unsightly extension leads! Perfectly designed and developed for your rowing training at home!


SKU 4531
Manufacturer HAMMER
Color black
Material Steel
Gewicht 36 kg


Watt controlled No
Display LCD-Display
Multimedia Tablet support
Pulse Chest belt
Operation Keys
Integrated pulse receiver for chest belts 5 kHz


Load profiles Calories, Distance, Heart rate, Time, Watt
Permanent display 7

Programs and profiles

Training programs 20
Heart rate controlled programmes 1
Adjustable pulse limit Upper pulse limit
Racing programs 15
User 1

Drive/brake system

Drive system Belt drive
Braking system Water resistance
Resistance adjustment Water level dependent

Dimensions and weight

Build up size (L x W x H) 200 x 54 x 117 cm
Foldable Yes
Folding dimension (L x W x H) 110 x 54 x 200
Max. body weight 140 kg
Filling volume 17 Liters

Other features

Transportation rollers Yes
Footplate distance 21 cm
Seat height 42 cm
Rail length 100 cm
Power supply Battery
DIN Norm DIN EN ISO 20957-1/7


Delivery time 4-8 working days
Delivery Information Delivery to curbside (Please leave your phone number when ordering, so we can arrange a suitable delivery date for you)
Private use
on the product 2 years
on the main frame 5 years
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