Q. VADIS 3.0

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  • Unpack, unfold and let off steam! 100% pre-assembled
  • Innovative folding technology with foot pedal for vertical and horizontal parking
  • 12 training programs + 2 heart & 2 user programs
  • Incline function up to 12% & variety with fitness apps
  • Tablet holder, USB charging port and Bluetooth function
Estimated delivery: 29.03.2023 - 01.04.2023
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Clever and unique design. Innovative fully foldable treadmill with exceptional stability

Perfect stability & unique, clever folding mechanism

The HAMMER Q. VADIS 3.0 treadmill impresses with sophisticated and powerful features! Super fast folding with clever and ingenious design. When unfolded and fully operational, you can expect speeds of up to 18 km/h and the full performance of a 2 hp treadmill motor. A water bottle holder is also integrated into the treadmill. You can also connect to the Kinomap fitness app for virtual motivation. The HAMMER Q.VADIS 3.0 treadmill impresses with its elegant design, large easy-to-read LED display, and it is already 100% pre-assembled! After training, you can quickly find a suitable storage space in your apartment. With the innovative extra "Fold Button" on the console and the foot pedal you can store your treadmill in a vertical or horizontal position without the hassle of screwing. Store it under the bed or in the corner next to the wardrobe – anywhere you like! Your Q.VADIS 3.0 can be folded up compactly, ready for its next use.

Programs on the run

With the HAMMER Q.VADIS 3.0, you are spoilt for choice thanks to a wide variety of programmes that enrich your running training for customised or health-oriented training, with plenty of additional running variety. You can choose between 12 pre-installed workout programs. Each programme can be divided into 10 sections and the incline and speed set accordingly.

The 2 user programs are divided into 10 sections. The speed, incline and running time can be customised by you.

With the 2 heart programmes (only with optional chest strap) you can train safely according to your set heart rate. The speed and run time can also be pre-set by you. Your Q.VADIS 3.0 is the perfect running machine to really let off steam after a hard day's work!

Large performance display

Your training data is presented very clearly and legibly on the large display. These values are available at a glance: Distance, incline, steps, calories, pulse, time and speed.

The console has a push-turn knob for quick navigation as well as a tablet holder. The LCD touch buttons (quick selection buttons) are also easy to read and make it simple to set the incline and speed. With integrated speakers and an AUX input for headphones, you can enjoy your running workout with the perfect sound. The USB port on the display charges your smartphone or tablet during your running workout.

Train around the world with Kinomap and ZWIFT

Train virtually on thousands of tracks all over the world by installing the fitness apps Kinomap and ZWIFT on your tablet or smartphone. All that's left to do is to connect your Q. VADIS 3.0 via Bluetooth. Enjoy the virtual training atmosphere and the live track experience. When you run fascinating and breath-taking routes with Kinomap, the incline on the treadmill will be adjusted to the simulated route in real time. Share your training successes with friends and followers, or run simultaneously with other running enthusiasts

Revolutionary space saving

Do you have a small apartment and only a little space for a treadmill? The Q.VADIS 3.0 offers an innovative and unique folding function so that you can enjoy a comfortable living environment. The folding mechanism allows you to conveniently fold up the treadmill either horizontally or vertically.

Exceptionally space saving for your home

Folding and unfolding is super easy with the red foot pedal. The incline angle must be at maximum (12%) in order to fold the treadmill. Press the FOLD button on the console and the folding position is set. Simply press the red foot pedal and the treadmill folds down without the hassle of screwing. You can then move the Q.VADIS 3.0 around the room very easily using the handle at the rear end of the treadmill and the integrated transportation rollers. Perfect space saving! Folded up, the treadmill fits perfectly under the sofa or upright next to the wardrobe

Large tread area for top performance

A generous running surface (2.5 mm thick) of 140 x 48 cm offers you a pleasant and free running feeling while you complete your training session. The clever design allows you to train with a body weight of up to 130 kg. The Q.VADIS 3.0 treadmill has a width of 48 cm. This gives you the perfect freedom of movement for a safe and effective workout. The treadmill surface, with diamond pattern, guarantees you the perfect grip while running.

Super-soft running feeling

The vibration-damped 6-point super soft treadmill surface provides a realistic running feeling and movement that is easy on the joints and feels just like a forest floor.

Increasing performance

Extra LCD touch buttons on the console for incline and speed get you going quickly. The incline is set with the arrow keys or via the 3 quick selection keys (6%, 9% and 12%). You can regulate your speed with the +/- buttons or the 3 quick selection buttons (6, 9 and 12 km/h). The treadmill motor of the Q.VADIS 3.0 has 2 hp and a speed range of 1 to 18 km/h. With the Q VADIS 3.0 you can sprint to the front!

Keep your finger on the pulse

Keep an eye on your heart rate during your running workout and check it regularly via the hand pulse sensors held in your hand. Your current heart rate value is clearly shown on the display. You will need a chest strap to be able to use the two heart programmes. (Not included in the delivery contents)


SKU 5160
Manufacturer HAMMER
Color black/anthracite
Material Steel
Gewicht 69 kg


Display LCD
Multimedia App, Aux, Bluetooth, Speakers, Tablet support, USB
Pulse Hand sensors
Apps Kinomap, Zwift
Operation Push & Turn and Keys
Integrated pulse receiver for chest belts 5 kHz


Load profiles Calories, Distance, Heart rate, Incline, Speed, Time
Permanent display 6

Programs and profiles

Training programs 12
Heart rate controlled programmes 2
Adjustable pulse limit Upper pulse limit
User 2

Dimensions and weight

Build up size (L x W x H) 160 x 77 x 140 cm
Foldable Yes
Folding height 30 cm
Folding dimension (L x W x H) 160 x 77 x 24 cm horizontal, 30 x 77 x 169 cm vertical
Max. body weight 130 kg
Running area 140 x 48 cm

Other features

Speed 18 km/h
Transportation rollers Yes
Incline 0-12% in 1% steps, 3-15 % in 1% steps, automatically adjustable
Performance 2.0 hp (continuous power) / 5.0 hp (maximum power)
Power supply 230V, 50Hz
DIN Norm DIN EN ISO 20957 -1/6


Delivery time 3-6 working days
Delivery Information Delivery to curbside (Please leave your phone number when ordering, so we can arrange a suitable delivery date for you)
Private use
on the product 2 years
on the main frame 5 years
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