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Versatile strength training for individual muscle building

To make your weight training as varied and effective as possible, we recommend investing in a training station. This way you can take full advantage of the different training possibilities. A dumbbell rack is indispensable for incline bench, bench press and shoulder press. A training station is therefore the practical dumbbell rack for optimal exercise variety and effective whole-body training. It will be your best training partner for strength training at home.


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Training Station - Barbell Stand

To make full use of the training possibilities with a barbell, you need a suitable training station or a robust barbell rack in addition to a flat, incline or multifunctional bench. A barbell rack is especially helpful for bench presses, incline bench presses and shoulder presses, as it makes it much easier to take the barbell out and put it back down and you don't have to pick it up from the floor. But the barbell rack is also an extremely useful and valuable aid for exercises such as standing squats with the barbell.

Why should you have a training station / barbell stand?

Anyone who has ever been to a fitness centre knows the stable and extremely practical barbell racks. At the latest when it comes to the popular bench press, the barbell rack is a must. Find out now why you should also consider a training station for your home:

1. Training with the barbell - effective whole body training

Training with the barbell is part of free weights training and is extremely varied. It can be used for simple as well as complex multi-joint exercises for all kinds of muscles and muscle chains. Barbell training also allows very intensive exercise units and thus - in addition to increasing strength and strength endurance - also a targeted increase in maximum strength. The muscle groups involved have to work together efficiently during the versatile exercises, so that coordination and stabilising trunk muscles are also trained in parallel during the workout, whereas fixed weight machines are mainly used for isolated muscle training. In contrast to the isolated muscle training of fitness machines, barbell training definitely offers a holistic and varied body workout.

2. Training station for the home - the practical barbell rack

If you own a barbell, you usually also have a flat bench or incline bench to make full use of the barbell's potential. A suitable dumbbell rack does not take up much space and gives the barbell the right place in the house. On the one hand, the barbell rack protects the floor, as the barbell or weight plates no longer have to rest directly on the floor due to the rack. On the other hand, it is an irreplaceable aid for exercises such as the bench press or squats.

3. Use exercise variety optimally

To use the barbell to its full potential, you need a barbell stand and a flat or incline bench. To train the chest muscles, for example, there is hardly anything better than bench or incline bench presses. Since you don't necessarily want to lift the weighted barbell off the floor every time, you need the barbell rack. The barbell can be lifted and lowered directly from the supine position. For squats with the barbell, you simply place the barbell a little higher on the rack and from there you can start training your thighs and back directly and without damaging your back.

What should you look out for when buying a training station / barbell rack?

  • Stability
  • Material
  • Maximum permissible weight
  • Diameter of pick-up bar
  • Adjustability

Advanced fitness athletes and professionals sometimes train with quite heavy weights, so that the stability and robustness of the barbell rack is a decisive purchase criterion and also plays an essential role for safety during fitness training. But even if you are a beginner and still train with comparatively small weights, you should invest in a higher quality barbell rack right away, because especially when training large muscles, as is the case with bench presses and squats, you quickly build up strength and muscles and soon train with heavier weights.

The material of the dumbbell rack must be robust and resistant. In addition to the basic frame, this also includes the fasteners and quick-release locks so that you can enjoy the robust dumbbell rack for many years. Welds, screws and paint should also be impeccable.

Another decisive purchase criterion is the maximum permissible weight with which you can still safely load the training station. The training stations available in our online shop all feel comfortable even with large weights. Even our entry-level version from FINNLO can easily handle weights of up to 200 kg. To enable perfect exercise variety, a barbell stand should also be adjustable in height and width. There are two basic adjustment possibilities. With the first option, you can adjust the side bars and the shelves variably by means of locking pins. With the other variant, you work with so-called power racks with predefined heights.

In addition to the permissible maximum weight, the diameter of the pick-up bar also plays a role. In addition to the classic dumbbell bars with a diameter of 30 mm, our dumbbell racks can also easily accommodate bars with Olympic dimensions (diameter of 50 mm).

Test the exercise station

If you're not sure which barbell rack is right for you, you can try out our training stations live on site at our HAMMER partners! We have already prepared some models for you to try out with the barbell and are waiting for your visit. In addition to barbell racks, the HAMMER fitness world is waiting for you there. Our fitness experts are looking forward to meeting you.