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The dumbbell is one of the best-known and most effective pieces of fitness equipment. Dumbbells are so popular because you can train almost all muscle groups effectively and specifically. In addition, dumbbells are very handy and can be quickly stowed under the sofa or bed after training. If you want to make your strength training at home more versatile, you can't do without dumbbells.

Here you will find a selection of different dumbbells with weights. Whether it's a single dumbbell bar with matching weight plates or a dumbbell set with different weights (cast iron weight plates): there's something for every training goal.

What are the advantages of using dumbbells at home?

The most important advantage first: with dumbbells you can train all muscle groups effectively and specifically. A compact piece of fitness equipment that doesn't take up much space. With a suitable dumbbell rack, your dumbbells are neatly stored in the home gym and always within reach. The advantages of the dumbbell are:

  • Effective and targeted muscle building training
  • Almost unlimited exercise variability
  • Improved intermuscular coordination between the individual muscles
  • Low acquisition costs
  • Compact fitness equipment without much space requirement
  • Dumbbells can be neatly stored with a suitable dumbbell rack
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How do I train with dumbbells and which exercises are suitable for training with dumbbells?

Training with the dumbbell promotes your body stability and is demanding in terms of coordination. Your torso serves as an anchor in strength training during exercises with free weights and has to do a lot of holding work. With the dumbbells you train not only your biceps but also your triceps, the lateral back muscles and your chest. Depending on the type of movement, the number of repetitions, the weight and your endurance, you can make your training with dumbbells even more effective.

One of the most popular dumbbell exercises is the hammer curl with dumbbell. Stand in a stable position. Your arms are slightly in front of your body with the dumbbells, palms facing forward. Now bring the dumbbells to your shoulders by bending your elbows. Hold briefly and lower arms again. This dumbbell exercise actively trains the biceps and arm flexors.

Start your dumbbell training with different exercises and small weight plates. Increase the number of weight plates as well as the number of exercises and executions from workout to workout.

Buying dumbbells: Which weights and dumbbell sets do you need?

Depending on your fitness level and goals, you can buy different dumbbells. A dumbbell set made of solid iron is an optimal dumbbell starter set with which you can really make your muscles sweat. Dumbbells made of chrome also provide you with a classic and easy introduction to weight training with dumbbells. The dumbbell bar is equipped with different weight plates, so that you have up to 10 kg in your hand with the chrome dumbbell set . The iron dumbbell set is available in 10 kg , 15 kg , 20 kg , 30 kg and 40 kg .

The is a further development of the classic dumbbell. When training with these dumbbells, you no longer have to select weight in weight plates. By simply turning the dumbbell handle, you can vary the proportion of weight units on your dumbbell bar. The remaining weights remain safely in the rack. By turning the handle on the dumbbell you adjust the weight from 2-20 kg or 2-32 kg in one dumbbell. Changing weights and weight plates is a thing of the past. The Smartlock dumbbells offer you all the functions for a professional studio workout in your own home gym.

In this video, our personal trainer Fabian introduces you to the technical details and advantages of the Smartlock dumbbell set. He also shows the most popular and best exercises and for whom these simple and smart dumbbells are best suited.

Man trains with dumbbell set SmartlockMan trains with dumbbell set Smartlock

Dumbbells: Which weight for beginners?

Depending on your fitness level, you can start your dumbbell training with more or less weight. To prevent injuries and to keep your motivation high, we recommend that beginners start their dumbbell training with a low weight per weight plate and per exercise. Increase from workout to workout with the number of weights on your barbell and the number of exercises with the barbell. It is important that you always perform the exercises in a controlled manner - quality before quantity!

What kind of fasteners are there for dumbbells?

The weights of a dumbbell are fixed to the barbell rod either by means of a star lock or a tension lock. The ends of the dumbbell bar with a star lock are a thread onto which the weight plates are turned into a star shape with the supplied twist lock. This type of lock is very popular especially for strength training with dumbbells in the home gym. With professional dumbbell bars, the weights are securely fixed with tension locks.

Which dumbbell weight for women?

Neoprene dumbbells from 1 kg - 3 kg are perfect for women who want to start strength training with dumbbells and have no experience in strength and dumbbell training. If you are already at home in the weight training world and your fitness level is good, dumbbells weighing 5 kg should be optimal for you. The compact dumbbell, available in weights from 2.5 kg to 40 kg, is a compact and handy dumbbell and perfect for your weight training at home.

Woman training with dumbbellWoman training with dumbbell

The right accessories for dumbbells

With dumbbells or a dumbbell set from HAMMER you can effectively and specifically train different muscle groups and make your strength training at home versatile and exciting. Suitable accessories can further increase motivation and training variety when training with dumbbells:

The weight bench is part of the basic equipment for your muscle training with dumbbells. Weight benches are versatile and can be used as flat or incline benches so that many muscle groups can be trained with the dumbbells.

The non-slip material of the fitness glove gives you grip and enables a perfect grip for every exercise with the dumbbells or barbells. A real classic for strength training.

The floor protection mat protects your floor, dampens noise and is the perfect base for your dumbbell, barbell or dumbbell set.

Weight plates are available in chrome or cast iron and can simply be placed on the barbell bar. This way you always have different weights at home and at hand for your weight training. The weight plates are available for both dumbbells and barbells.

The premium quality dumbbell rack offers space for 16 HAMMER PU dumbbells and ensures perfect order in your home gym. The high-quality hard plastic trays give the dumbbells a firm hold.

Where can I test dumbbells?

Still need advice and want to test the dumbbells before buying a dumbbell package? Then visit our HAMMER partners and let us advise you on dumbbells, dumbbell training and strength training. We are also happy to answer any other questions you may have about fitness, fitness equipment, training, strength and endurance. Of course, you also have the opportunity to try other training equipment than dumbbells. After a professional review, you can start your test training right away. We look forward to your visit.

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