Cardio XT9 BT

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  • Low step-through for easy mounting
  • On-board training computer with blue backlight LCD display
  • Tablet holder & USB charger port
  • Bluetooth and fitness apps featuring virtual live routes
  • Hip-friendly pedal distance of 20 cm
Estimated delivery: 06.07.2022 - 09.07.2022
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Training at home for a healthy heart. Health-oriented training and fitness.

Your perfect training partner for staying fit and healthy

You want to integrate more exercise into your day to build your overall fitness level and endurance – no matter your age? Then the Cardio XT9 BT (Class HA DIN EN 957-1/5) is the perfect ergometer for you. You can strengthen your cardiovascular system with various training programs and help counteract many health hazards with regular cardio workouts. Superfluous calories melt away and the leg muscles get stronger. The Cardio XT9 BT lets you keep fit at home and gives you the strength to deal with the challenges and stresses of everyday life.

The 8 kg flywheel mass and the permanent magnet braking system create a sensationally smooth ride. Set your resistance level between 10 and 350 watts. The handlebars and seat are easily adjusted via the rotating knob. That way, you can adjust the ergometer to your exact body measurements. The comfort seat means that you sit comfortably even during extended sessions and keeps you working out much longer.

You've made your choice: You want to get fit, lose a few pounds and become healthier overall

An ergometer is the perfect home trainer. You too should have one of these ingenious fitness machines at home, taking up a very special place in your living space and everyday life. The HAMMER Cardio XT9 BT ergometer will let you reach your training goals in record time. You will feel fitter and your cardiovascular system will get back on track.

Small steps are better than no steps

You can get started with an extra light resistance of just 10 watts and work your way up slowly all the way to a whopping 350 watts. If you have had an injury or simply haven't had time for exercise for a while, it is advisable not to start at full capacity straight away, as you could overdo it and harm yourself in the process. Your body needs time to get used to slowly increasing workout levels. Your Cardio XT9 BT ergometer makes this possible!

Your workout nerve centre

The design of the on-board computer of your Cardio XT9 BT is ultra modern and features a blue LCD backlight and an easy-to-read display. A push-and-turn knob and 4 additional quick selection buttons allow you to navigate quickly and easily through the menu. The following training parameters are shown on the display: Pedal revolutions per minute, speed, time, distance, calories burned, pulse rate, step resistance and watts. Super practical: You can configure pre-set values like distance, pulse rate or fat burn goals.

The full bandwidth of 22 training programs, including pre-programmed fitness programs, give you plenty of variety to keep you motivated for regular workouts. Do you want to create your own program? Simply enter the desired resistance and training time.

Entertainment during your workout

Just place your tablet or smartphone on the holder provided and off you go! The fitness apps iConsole, BitGym and Kinomap offer a virtual live route experience. Use Kinomap to explore breath-taking routes and enjoy some virtual workout fun. Use your smartphone to keep you in the mood with your favourite play list or watch the latest YouTube videos. Stay entertained and motivated!

Finger on the pulse

The heart rate function of the on-board training computer shows your current heart rate or the pre-set maximum limit value. Super practical! A warning signal will sound if you surpass your set heart rate limit, to protect you against moving into unhealthy workout territory. Depending on your training goal, you can choose between heart rate frequencies like regeneration, fat burn and anaerobic endurance

You want to train with a chest strap heart rate monitor? The on-board training computer is equipped with a chip that allows wireless transmission of your heart rate to an optional chest belt (available at the HAMMER online shop).

Hydration always at your fingertips

It is important to stay hydrated while exercising! A bottle holder is attached within easy reach on the main frame to make it as easy as possible for you to get to your bottle of water or isotonic drink. The holder will fit any commonly available sports bottle types.

Psst! Whisper-quiet workouts

Concentrate on your workout and not on annoying noises! The whisper-quiet drive system of the Cardio XT9 BT ergometer makes your training at home relaxing and almost completely silent. Perfect for you and your family. The 8 kg flywheel mass and the grooved belt-drive system give you the best possible basis to keep fit. The integrated, high-quality ball bearings ensure a perfectly smooth motion and increase your enjoyment of your workout. Step on it – quietly!

Handlebar and saddle adjustment in seconds

Your Cardio XT9 BT offers many adjustment options that will create the perfect body position for you on your ergometer. The seat height can be adjusted vertically. The tilt angle of the saddle and the distance between saddle and handlebars can also be adjusted to your measurements. The handlebars are adjustable for various grip variations and these changes can also be easily done mid-workout. The choice is at your fingertips: Relaxed, pulse rate-oriented, sporty or back-friendly. Other members of your family can also adjust the ergometer in seconds to fit their own needs, so that they too can enjoy an effective workout!

Safe pedalling

The adjustable foot straps on the pedals give your feet extra stability and security. The strap itself is attached to the pedal via a click system. The anti-skid pedal surface gives you the grip you need to feel secure.

More premium details

The Cardio XT9 BT ergometer comes with adjustable foot caps to level out an uneven floor. The 4-point floor contact system ensures safety and stability while you train. The two transport rollers allow you to move the Cardio XT9 BT around the room with ease. Simply tilt the ergometer forward by the handlebars and steer it around via the two rollers integrated in the front foot.


SKU 4866
Manufacturer HAMMER
Color black
Material Steel


Watt controlled Yes
Display LCD Blue Backlight
Multimedia App, Bluetooth, Tablet support, USB
Pulse Hand sensors
Apps Kinomap
Operation Push & Turn
Integrated pulse receiver for chest belts 5 kHz


Load profiles Calories, Distance, Heart rate, RPM, Speed, Time, Watt
Permanent display 7

Programs and profiles

Training programs 22
User 4
Heart rate controlled programmes 4
Adjustable pulse limit Upper and lower pulse limit

Drive/brake system

Drive system Grooved belt
Load spectrum 16 Steps
Load control RPM independent
Braking system Permanent Magnetic
Resistance adjustment Automatic resistance adjustment
Flywheel mass 8 kg

Dimensions and weight

Build up size (L x W x H) 110 x 52 x 140 cm
Max. body weight 130 kg

Other features

Transportation rollers Yes
Pedal distance 21 cm
Performance 10 - 350 Watt
Power supply 230V, 50Hz
DIN Norm DIN EN ISO 20957 -1/5
Class HA


Delivery time 3-6 working days
Delivery Information Delivery to the apartment door
Approved Warranty Warranty on main frame
Private use 24 months 5 years
Summary of all possible strength exercises with the Cardio XT9 BT

You can find out how to do the exercises correctly and exactly which muscle groups are trained by clicking on the respective exercise.

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